All the benefits of daycare, plus an overnight stay! Our sleepovers are always supervised, which means there’s always a human friend nearby to ensure your pup is safe and happy. Because we know no two pups are alike, we offer several options for your pup’s sleepover experience with us. Regardless of the adventure you choose for your dog, all overnights are set in our 13,000 square foot fully heated and air-conditioned facility and include trips outside to our fenced backyard. Snuggles and kisses are always included!

Private Suite

Our most popular option! Sleepovers in our private suites include daytime play in our core daycare program, and restful nights in our 24 square foot private suites. Private suites allow each dog the privacy they need to rest and recharge so they’re ready for fun the next day. For families with multiple dogs, there are options for suite sharing and even adjoining suites! Check in as early as you’d like and check out is by 10am on the last day.

Crate Free

For the more social pup, we offer sleepovers in our crate free sleepover room! The sleepover room offers a less structured environment for those dogs who do well relaxing in a group among friends. Because it’s less structured, for the safety of all the pups sleeping over, the crate free environment is an option for dogs who have been with us regularly (2-3 times/week) for at least three months, and who have been through our secondary crate free evaluation process. Check in as early as you’d like and check out is by 10am on the last day.


Not every dog prefers the hustle and bustle of the playgroup environment (introverts, can you relate?). Our VIP sleepover program provides a safe and comfortable option tailored to those dogs who can’t (or don’t want to) join the larger group. Dogs spend their day participating in our VIP daycare program, rotating between one-on-one or small group play sessions (both indoors and outdoors), and individual enrichment activities to keep their brains active in the downtime. Overnight, they rest in the comfort of a private suite, recharging for the next day’s fun. Check in as early as you’d like and check out is by 10am on the last day.