What You Need To Know

All dogs must complete a temperament evaluation and interview before enrolling in daycare or boarding services.

You can call to schedule an interview! Once they complete the evaluation process, a dog is free to use drop in daycare services or schedule an overnight stay!

We maintain a low dog-to-staff ratio so that we can guarantee safe and fun all-day play.

This means that we have standards we set for ourselves to ensure the highest quality of service. All of our employees – from the front desk staff to pack leaders – are required to go through Pet First Aid and CPR training.

We are very concerned with keeping our clients safe, happy, and healthy.

In order to join our play groups, dogs must be up-to-date on their Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccinations, and they must also provide a clean fecal test annually. We’ll work with you to stay on top of this and to avoid any interruptions in puppy playtime!

We adhere to the highest standards of sanitation.

Our low dog-to-staff ratio also makes it possible for us to quickly clean up messes and sanitize every play surface, ensuring that our facilities remain clean and safe, and that our furry friends go home healthy and smelling fresh.

The Details

  • All dogs must complete a temperament evaluation and undergo an interview.
  • A dog must be in your home for a minimum of two weeks before they will be permitted to join us for an evaluation.
  • Puppies must be at least 10 weeks to join the Puppy Program.
  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age to join the Core and VIP programs. Read more about the programs we offer here.
  • Required vaccinations (must be up-to-date): Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper, and annual fecal test.
  • Dogs must be free of fleas and ticks; regular flea and tick preventative is recommended.
  • Dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered to continue participation in the Core Program.
  • Un-neutered male dogs over 6 months of age may participate in the VIP Program. For their safety, we cannot accept un-spayed female dogs over the age of 6 months.
  • Once enrolled, all families must adhere to our Health & Wellness Policies and Reservation Policies.
  • Once admitted to the program, and in order to remain active in it, a dog must not go more than 365 days between visits. Once a dog becomes inactive in our program, they must complete a re-evaluation prior to re-joining us for daycare or reserving sleepovers. The charge for a re-evaluation is equivalent to the current cost of daycare.