Our three daycare programs have been created to meet your pups where they are! Each program is a little bit different, but the goal is the same – to provide your dogs with an individualized experience, meant to exercise their bodies, stimulate their brains, and give them the socialization they crave. No matter what program you choose for them, your dog will enjoy playtime indoors, in our 13,000 square foot, fully heated and air-conditioned facility, as well as time outdoors romping around in our spacious and fully fenced backyard. Puppy love and snuggles are always included.

Core Program

Our core daycare program is built around playgroups that are arranged by playstyle. We strive to find the right fit for each dog based on how and with whom they prefer to play. The core program is a good fit for dogs who love the social aspect of groups in addition to the physical aspect of play. Our goal for our dogs in our core program is that they spend the majority of their time in playgroup, enjoying the company of puppy friends, enrichment activities led by a playgroup supervisor, and action-packed trips to the backyard.

VIP Program

Not every dog prefers the hustle and bustle of the playgroup environment (introverts, can you relate?). Our VIP program is designed to allow those pups who prefer not to join the larger group to enjoy a more tailored experience. Pups in the VIP program will rotate between one-on-one or small group play sessions (both indoors and outdoors), and individual enrichment activities to keep their brains active in the downtime. The VIP program is a good fit for dogs who don’t prefer group play for behavioral, health, or age-related reasons.

Puppy Program

The puppy program is designed to introduce young puppies to a variety of social and environmental experiences to encourage a lifetime of confidence and well-rounded emotional health. Puppies in this program will rotate between playtime in small groups, enrichment activities focused on introducing them to new experiences, and practice resting in the calm, safe environment of a crate. The puppy program is a good fit for puppies who are at least ten weeks old, have been in your home for at least two weeks, and who are no older than six months. The puppy program is seasonal – please contact us to learn more and enroll your pup.