Where your dog can play all day indoors and out with lots of personal attention and individualized care! We have different play groups to best fit your dog’s personality and energy level. Our goal is to send your pup home tired & happy so you can enjoy quality bonding time.

Half Day
5 hours or fewer
Full Day
5+ hours

Daycare Packages

For the frequent visitor, daycare packages are a great way to save time and money! Packages are valid for one year after purchase. Full day packages cannot be broken down into half days. Daycare packages cannot be used toward overnight stays.

Core Program

10 Half Days
10 Full Days
20 Full Days
Valid only on daycare. Expires after 30 days.

Multiple Dog Packages

2 Dogs, 10 Half Days Each
2 Dogs, 10 Full Days Each
2 Dogs, 20 Full Days Each

VIP Program Packages

10 Days VIP
20 Days VIP


All the benefits of daycare, plus an overnight stay. We offer two options for boarding: dogs who need alone time after a fun-filled day of playing with their pals can enjoy the peace & quiet of our private suites. Dogs who relax better among friends can do so in the comfort of our supervised crate-free sleepover room. All sleepovers include daycare on the day of drop-off. Pick up time is 10am. Pickup after 10am will incur an additional charge for daycare. Prices listed are per dog, per night.

*For sleepovers during peak periods, add an additional $10/night

2024 Peak Periods:

  • May 23 – 31
  • June 29 – July 7
  • Aug 29 – Sept 7
  • Nov 22 – 30
  • Dec 15 – 30

Private Suite
Crate Free
5+ Nights
10% Off


Is your dog due for a nail trim, bath, or another relaxing spa service? No problem! Add a service on to the end of a stay with us or bring them in for a special visit and we’ll be happy to pamper your pup!

Includes a bath in our professional grooming tub and a towel dry. Price varies based on weight.
Nail Trim
Ear Clean