5 Fall Activities To Do With Your Dog

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The official first day of autumn is here and that means cozy sweaters, warm apple pies, and trips through the pumpkin patch. With October lying in wait, there are so many fun and festive activities to partake in, and it only makes sense that our dogs should join us! If you have an autumn loving pup who’s ready to hit the hayride with you, try these five dog-friendly fall activities that will be sure to get your pup’s tail wagging!

Bake Some Tasty Treats
The smells and tastes of autumn are earthy and magical, and we know your pup will appreciate them too! Fill your house with the delicious aroma of pumpkin by baking some homemade dog treats that your furry friend will love. Not only is this recipe tasty and simple to make, but it’s healthy for your dog as well! Bake up a batch and watch as your dog begin to drool. Hate doing dishes? Your pup can help by licking the spoon clean! Once cooked and cooled, it’s time for your dog to dig in and share in the festive flavors of fall!

Go Leaf Peeping
As the leaves begin to change and the bright colors of fall emerge, it’s the perfect time to take your dog for a ride and a walk among the forest! Explore a new path through a park or hiking trail where the trees can be seen on full display. Allow your dog to stop and sniff all the fresh scents of autumn and take some selfies along the way. Not only will it be a fun, fall activity, but both you and your pup will get some exercise! Plus, the weather is perfect this time of year— cool and crisp but not too cold!

Have a Horror Movie Marathon
When autumn arrives, so too does the spooky spirit of the season! If scary flicks are your thing, consider spending a spine-tingling weekend watching movies with your dog. Whether you like phycological thrillers, slasher films, or simple ghost stories, you can shiver under the covers while you loyal pup protects you from the screen. Dogs make wonderful comfort buddies and you can cuddle right up to them for warmth and comfort if you’re feeling a little spooked. The best part? Your pup will be happy for the snuggles and won’t be scared at all! (Unless you choose to watch Cujo, that is!)

Carve Some Cooky Pumpkins
Just because your dog can’t carve doesn’t mean they can’t participate in this classic autumn activity! Dogs make great muses and perhaps your pup’s face will give you a little inspiration when it comes time to make your jack-o-lantern. Carve a portrait of you and your dog together or make multiples of your dog in different poses. Carve (or paint!) your pups name on the pumpkins and inspire your friends and neighbors to do the same. Plus, you can use the leftover pumpkin seeds and innards to make some tasty treats. Not all jack-o-lanterns have to be spooky… some can be cooky!

Trick-or-Treat Together
Who says Halloween night is just for us humans? If you have a dog who loves to go for walks, is friendly towards everyone, and isn’t too afraid of some crazy kids in costumes, then you have a Halloween hound for sure! Consider bringing your pup along for the freaky fun and walk them through the neighborhoods with the family. Your dog will love getting outside for some fresh air and exercise, and we bet there will even be other pups out and about to play with. And if you’re feeling really festive this Halloween, you can also include your furry friend in the costume portion as well. After all, there’s nothing cuter than a dressed up pup ready to have some spooky fun with the family!

No matter how you celebrate this spookiest of seasons, doing it together with your dog will lead to a frighteningly good time for all. So next time you’re out and about picking pumpkins or perhaps strolling through a graveyard, don’t forget to bring along your furry friend so they can appreciate autumn too!