5 Halloween Pup Safety Tips

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For us humans, Halloween is a fun and festive time of year. Store shelves are lined with creepy costumes, colorful lights, and lots of delicious candy. But while it’s all fun and games for us, it can be a truly terrifying time of year for our canine family members. What we might find sweet and silly, they may find confusing and threatening. Help your pup feel safe and secure this Halloween so everyone can have a spooky but safe holiday! 

Paws Off the Candy
Everyone knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, but did you know a lot of non-chocolate candy can be even more dangerous? Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol commonly used as a sweetener in a lot of human foods and products such as candy, gum, toothpaste and more. If ingested by your furry friend, it can be quite dangerous! To avoid an emergency trip to the vet, make sure all candy is out of reach or safely secured in a drawer or cabinet. Try making some yummy homemade pumpkin treats for your dog instead! 

Secure Any Scaredy Dogs
If you have a pup that scares easily or is timid around new people, it’s probably best to secure them in a secluded room this Halloween. If your dog does well on their own, try setting them up in a room with some of their favorite toys or treats and play some calming music. If your dog would rather be able to see you during all the trick-or-treating, try placing a baby gate or blockade in front of an open doorway. After all, you know that the monster at the door is your neighbor in a mask, but your dog may not and choose to bolt! 

Avoid a Decoration Disaster
Part of the fun of Halloween is decorating your house in spooky decor. While this might seem harmless to us, many of these decorations can be dangerous for our dogs. If you’re planning on adding some frightening flair to your home, consider your pup’s personality. Would they chew loose wires or plastic toys? Would they knock over candles or walk by open flames? Would they become frightened at animatronics or bright lights? Before hanging up the lights and plastic bats, put yourself in your pup’s shoes and consider things from their point of view. 

Work Through Costume Confusion
It’s fun to dress your dog up for Halloween, especially if you have matching outfits! However, not every pup likes wearing costumes or clothes. Many dogs find costumes restrictive and if they’re already a little spooked from all the holiday commotion, an uncomfortable costume might make them feel trapped. Unless you know that your dog is completely comfortable in clothes, avoid the costume all together and opt for a festive collar or bandana instead. Remember, it’s all about having fun and feeling safe for you and your furry friend! 

Update Identification
Whether you’re going out this holiday or staying in for a monster marathon, make sure your pup has their identification on them. According to the American Kennel Club, Halloween is the second most common holiday for pets to go missing and we think that’s a pretty spooky statistic! In case your furry friend happens to go missing, make sure their ID is up to date and accurate. If your dog has a microchip, it’s also a good idea to double-check the online information associated with the chip. Accurate identification is the fastest way to be reunited with your precious pup should they ghost you this Halloween!

We hope following some of these safety tips will ensure you and your furry friends have a spooky but safe Halloween!