Your Dog & the Stars: What Astrology Says About Pet Personalities

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Odds are you’ve heard about Astrology; an art that studies the forecasting of events, traits and personalities of people through the observation and interpretation of celestial bodies. But did you know that astrology can also be studied to better understand animals? For those who know their dog’s birthday and, therefore, their zodiac sign, astrology can help us better connect with our canine companions and provide insights into our pet’s character, compatibility and even their limitations. Knowing more about your dog’s personality can help you better care for them and be the best pet parent you can be. It’s all in the stars!

Read about what your dog’s astrological sign says about them and their unique personality!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac as well as being a fire sign, so it’s no surprise that the Aries dog is a natural born leader. Dogs born under this sign are confident, courageous, and thrive on attention and being first. They’re not afraid to defend their people and property and they often don’t come when they’re called. However, they’re also extremely smart and learn very quickly. The Aries dog will constantly keep you on your toes as well as make you feel protected and loved with fierce devotion.

Quite contrary to the Aries dog, pups born under the Taurus sign are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and gentleness. As such, the Taurus dog is rather shy and aloof and can be hard to train or control. Taurus pups like things the way they are and are not good at adapting to change or different circumstances. They do, however, have a great love for nature and beauty and will often take walks slowly so they can enjoy the outdoors. The Taurus dog is also a fierce friend and will love their family deeply. They make the best cuddlers!

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini dogs are very intelligent and highly curious. Because of their inquisitive nature, they can often get into trouble and they have a love for harmless mischief. Because Mercury is also the planet of communication and information, the Gemini dog is usually pretty vocal and always seems to be barking about something. Don’t be surprised if your Gemini dog also keeps you laughing— they have a comic quality to their personality that makes them hard to ignore and easy to love. They’re always sniffing their way into something!

Cancer canines are usually motived by emotions rather than logic, and are therefore more compassionate and understanding. These pups are sweet-natured and naturally calm, moving with a quiet but powerful disposition that makes them appear confident. Cancer dogs are great companions to both humans and other pets, and make amazing service animals for those who need them. Because they’re ruled by their emotions, Cancer canines tend to be highly food-motivated and want what they want, regardless if it’s the best decision for them.

Like their name implies, the Leo dog is proud, strong, and naturally charismatic. Dogs born under this sign love attention and being pampered, and will often look forward to getting brushed, groomed and doted upon. Being a fire sign, Leo dogs exude warmth, vitality and power, and don’t like competition with other animals. However, Leo dogs are some of the most loyal out there and are very grateful to their family for all they provide. Don’t be surprised if your Leo dog stands between you and a stranger when out for a walk. They always have your best interest at heart!

Like Gemini, Virgo dogs are ruled by the planet Mercury and are therefore highly intelligent and naturally curious. However, they take this one step further and are also known to be extremely hard-working and overly dedicated. Virgo dogs need a job to do and thrive on rigorous structure and routine. These dogs like to eat, walk, sleep, and play at the same times every day, and will become agitated when they’re left with nothing to do. However, the Virgo pup is also one that cares deeply and is overly aware of how their actions affect their family. They want nothing more than to make sure their pack is perfectly safe and secure.

Represented as balancing scales and ruled under Venus, Libra dogs live to create harmony and tranquility. Dogs born under this sign tend to be charming and have a gift for sensing what their people need. Libra pups love the company of other animals and often don’t like to be left alone. They thrive in good company and enjoy the peace and quiet of napping on porch over the loud excitement of running on the beach or going to the park. Libra dogs can become easily overwhelmed in stressful environments and often look to their humans for guidance on how to stay calm.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio dogs tend to be moody and mysterious and can often come off as way too intense. They can command a room with just a flick of their tail and like to make direct eye contact with people and other pets. Don’t be surprised if it seems like your Scorpio pup is trying to read your mind! Scorpio dogs like their privacy and it can take a while to gain their trust. When you do, however, you’ll have a loyal and dedicated dog for life. They often get attached to only one person but will make that relationship a priority. They’re the definition of man’s best friend!

The Sagittarius dog is one that is drawn to traveling and adventure. As a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, dogs born under this sign are never afraid of a challenge and always see the food bowl half full. Sagittarius dogs make great traveling companions and are the perfect pups for people who like to hike, climb, ski or swim. They have colorful and often comical personalities and tend to fit in to almost any crowd. Because of their love for adventure, the Sagittarius dog has a tendency to wander off and have a mind of their own. Always keep a watchful eye on these pups!

Represented by the mountain goat and ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorn dogs are associated with power, responsibility and hard work. The Capricorn dog loves a good challenge and is hardly ever found napping or taking time off. They love to learn new tricks and are very loyal listeners. Your Capricorn pup will probably be top of his class at behavior training! You might find, however, that your Capricorn dog looks for duties in everything and will try to keep kids, other pets and people in line. This trait does make them exceptional guard dogs and very loyal babysitters to say the least.

Aquarius dogs are ones that will often leave you guessing. These crazy canines are non-conformists and like to dance to the beat of their own drum. Ruled by Uranus, these dogs can be quite hyper and active and go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. As such, the Aquarius dog can get bored quite easily and is always looking for the next new toy, treat or adventure. Although easily distracted and often acting goofy, Aquarius dogs are super social and easily make friends wherever they go. They might not be overly cuddly with their people, but the Aquarius dog is a loyal companion to those who take the time to understand them.

Sensitive, dreamy and loving, the Pisces pup is one who is highly intuitive and empathetic. These soulful dogs are usually very gentle and kind, often preferring calm and quiet environments where they can relax in the sun or snooze under the covers. Pisces dogs are very attached to their people and will often follow them from room to room, sometimes getting in the way. The Pisces dog is also one to listen intently but can become easily upset when things seem wrong. They make great therapy dogs as they have a knack for sensing moods and helping those around them feel relaxed.

Knowing your dog’s personality based on their astrological sign can help strengthen your bond and might help open your eyes to why your dog acts a certain way. Just remember, however, that every dog is an individual and might not conform to the traits of their birth chart. After all, nothing is carved in stone and your pup might just navigate their life a little differently!

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