Dog Boarding at Roscoe's

Going away for a few nights and can't take the pup?! Don't fret! At Roscoe's, we offer 24/7 dog boarding services! We allow you to go away and not have to worry about your four legged friend! We invite you to click the button below to get started or fill out our contact form to learn more!
Enroll in Sleepovers at Roscoe's!

Doggy Sleepovers

Enjoy all the benefits your dog would get from daycare plus a comfy bed. What’s a sleepover if you aren’t with any friends?! At Roscoe’s, we give dogs the option to relax amongst their friends in a supervised, crate-free setting. If your dog is tired and wants to be alone, we respect that and have private suites where they can enjoy peace and quiet.

Private Suite
Crate Free
5+ Nights
10% Off