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Bring your dog to Roscoe's Bed + Bark where they'll make new friends and not be stuck in the house alone all day! Learn more about our services below. If you need more info, we invite you to fill out our contact form!
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Dog Daycare

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcomed at Roscoe’s. We have different playgroups to best fit your dog’s personality and energy level. You think your dog is happy to see you when you get home?! Just wait until you pick them up from doggy daycare!

Half Day
5 hours or fewer
Full Day
5+ hours

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Doggy Daycare Packages

Need doggy daycare more than every once in a while?! We are offering full day packages for your pup! Save time and some money when you purchase a doggy daycare package.

Doggy Sleepovers (Boarding)

Private Suite
Crate Free
5+ Nights
10% Off

Never Leave Your Dog Homealone Again!