Roscoe’s FAQ for Owners: COVID Edition

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After being thrown into such an unprecedented and unexpected time here in our community and around the world, it’s no surprise that there are still questions regarding the current operation of our business. We want to be able to help you in any way we can and upon re-opening back in May, we have remained committed to our goal of making Portland a better and easier place to be a dog lover. As such, we have compiled a Roscoe’s FAQ for you in the hopes of clearing any confusion and to keep you up-to-date on any changes that may have occurred. Operation might be different now, but the love and dedication we have for your pups has never wavered!


Is daycare still drop-in or do I have to call ahead? 
We’re happy to announce that daycare is still drop-in, meaning that you do not have to call ahead to save a spot or make an appointment. As always, you are allowed to drop off or pick up your pup at any time during our open hours.

What are your hours of operation?
We’re happy to say that our hours have remained the same as well! Just as always, Roscoe’s is open Monday-Friday: 6-30am-8pm and Saturday & Sunday: 7am-7pm.

I haven’t visited since before COVID- is drop-off/pick-up the same?
Since re-opening, our lobby has remained closed to the public in order to keep down foot traffic and crowds. We now offer complimentary curbside pick-up and drop-off instead! When you arrive at Roscoe’s, please park in one of the numbered spots and give us a call to announce your arrival. While you wait for one of our team members to come out to assist you, please get your pup out of your vehicle and wait for us to greet you there. At pick up, we will do the inverse of this routine. For your safety and theirs, our team will not remove your dog from or place your dog into your vehicle. We also require face masks to be worn by both parties during this routine. For any further questions, feel free to give us a call!

Are you still offering sleepovers? 
Yes! Along with our drop-in daycare, we are still offering our usual supervised sleepovers. That means that when your pup comes for their over-night, they will continue to be carefully watched over by one of our care staff members to ensure maximum comfort and safety. And, as always, we ask that you call ahead to schedule a stay for your pup.

What should I bring for my dog’s sleepover? 
In order to keep both you and our team as safe as possible, we ask that you only provide the necessities when dropping your pup off for their sleepover. This is limited to their food, medication and health supplements. We also ask for you to please portion out your dog’s food and medication so that there is just enough for their stay. Limiting the number of personal belongings in our building will really help to minimize the potential risk presented to our team when handling such items. We will continue, of course, to provide your pup with all other items necessary for a fun and relaxing sleepover such as beds, blankets, toys, and bowls for their food and water. Plus, our overnight staff never runs out of cuddles!

What is your deposit policy? 
We require a deposit to be paid for peak sleepover periods here at Roscoe’s. This includes holiday timeframes, school vacation weeks, and during the summer months. The deposit is 50% of the total price for the stay and is due two weeks before the first night of the sleepover. It’s refundable up until 5 nights before the stay begins in case you need to cancel for any reason. If not canceled before 5 nights of your scheduled stay, your deposit will not be refunded. However, if all is well and your pup is dropped off, you owe only the remaining 50% of your stay upon pick-up.

Are you still offering grooming?
Absolutely! We love to pamper your pups and we currently have a wide variety of grooming options available. Our professional staff are trained and ready to preform baths, nail trims, ear cleaning, brush-outs, and blow-outs using our doggy hairdryer. All equipment is sanitized between each use and we’ll make sure that your furry friend goes home smelling and looking good! Simply let us know that you want a spa day for your pup upon drop-off and we’ll handle the rest!

If your lobby is closed, how do I pay for daycare/sleepovers/grooming, etc? 
All payments are currently contactless and will be completed either online or over the phone before your pup is brought back to your car at pick-up. We welcome you to put your credit card on file or purchase daycare packages to make payment quick and easy. You can do this anytime via our customer portal here. If you opt not to utilize one of these options, payment will be taken over the phone via credit card. During this time, we can not accept cash or checks.

Didn’t get your question answered? We’re just a phone call away! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns so that we may better assist you during this time.