Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Agape

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February is the month of love and we can’t wait to introduce you to one of our great loves, Agape! This sweet pup is a 3-year-old, mixed breed who has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since August of 2021. We could write a book on all the things we love about Agape, but some of our favorites have to be her spunky personality, her amazing agility skills, and her A+ hugs. We know you’re going to want to be this sweet and silly girl’s forever valentine!

Agape causing mischief as a puppy

Agape and her family first met when she was only eight weeks old and looking for her forever home at the ARLGP right here in Portland. Since the day she was born, Agape has been nothing but her true spunky, silly, energetic self and proved that to her parents the moment they brought her home. Being a typical, untrained puppy also didn’t help the matter and, in the beginning, there was lots of yipping, nipping, and chasing of the cats around the house. Eventually, though, Agape seemed to settle into the family perfectly and has now made a truce treaty with the cats (which she almost always follows…) She has even earned some impressive nicknames throughout her years including– but not limited to– Gapos, Goopas, Baboon and, our favorite, Supa Dupa Gaapy Goopa. Although she’s more regal now with her important titles and a bit more calm than during her puppy days, Agape’s mom says there’s still something she hopes her pup never loses: her happy vigor and true joy for life!

Agape lounging at the beach!

Luckily, it doesn’t seem as if Agape is going to give up on those key components of her personality any time soon, as she still has quite a bit of energy and lots of spunk! In fact, in her free time, Agape has taken up such hobbies as exploring the yard for various sticks, digging up the gardens and yard space, fighting off the elusive “bed monster”, and protecting the house from those pesky and obviously dangerous delivery people. She also has many play dates with her two favorite canine companions; a 170 pound Great Dane named Murdock, and a 10 pound Chiweenie named Louisa. The three of them make a quite a comedic caravan! Of course, like many pups who have the pleasure of living here in Maine, Agape’s favorite activity has to be going to the beach, a place where she can truly let go and be her wild, wacky self. She loves to chase seagulls, explore the dunes, feverishly dig holes for no reason, and wade in the water up to her waist (although she never takes the plunge.) Yes, a day at the beach is a day well spent for Agape and she wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, her family’s favorite tradition is taking a Christmas Day walk on the beach when it’s cold and snowy and they can have it all to themselves. It’s definitely Agape’s favorite gift every year!

Agape smiling for the camera at daycare!

Of course, with such a free-spirited and fun-loving personality, it’s no surprise that Agape fits right in here at Roscoe’s. Despite her dislike for car rides, her mom says that she perks right up when turning down Hutchins Drive and becomes all happy tail wags and wiggles when she walks through the door. We, of course, love to see her smiling face every day and look forward to such positivity and playfulness in our groups. She truly is one of the silliest and spunkiest dogs we know! And don’t forget about her award winning hugs— this girl hands them out to everyone! Because of her zest for life, Agape always finds herself in the higher energy groups where she can romp around and truly let out all of her zoomies. She makes friends quickly and is always the first one to run up the agility ramps when let outside. She loves to look over the kingdom from up there and bound and leap off of them when it’s time to play. Did we mention she’s an amazing acrobat?! Every day spent with Agape is a day worth celebrating and, just like her mother, we hope she never loses her sense of wonder, her kooky personality, and her amazing love for life. Thank you for showing us that it’s okay to be your true self, Agape. Never change!


“Oh Agape, what’s not to love about this sweet little lady?! Not only is she absolutely adorable (who can resist those little floppy ears?), but she’s also a friend to everyone she meets, dog or human. Agape is the perfect mix of both snuggly and playful, and she always gives the best hugs! Every day is brighter when Agape is around and I feel so lucky to get to spend time with her!” -Aspen, Manager

Agape is by far my favorite dog to have in group; she’s my best friend here at Roscoes! She is always so happy to be here and gives me the best hugs. She’s a sassy little lady that loves playing with her friends, but is always ready to curl up and take a nap. Seeing her in group always makes my day better, and I look forward to hanging out with her in the future!” -Cassie, Playgroup Supervisor

“Agape is such a funny, lovable pup! I adore her bright personality and how springy and agile she is. She always comes galloping into the building ready to say hello to all her human and pup friends. She also gives the nicest and most plentiful hugs, as she hooks her front paws over your arm and leans into you. It’s seriously the sweetest thing and warms my heart every time. She also catches some major air when she leaps and bounds over the agility ramps and gets all the other pups going! Every visit from Agape is a treasure.”– Evan, Manager