Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Baxter

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Welcome to March! Spring is just around the corner and that means longer days, warmer weather, and more opportunities to get outside with your pup. Good thing this month’s Featured Friend loves to go on wilderness adventures and explore the natural beauty of Maine… he’s even named after a national state park! That’s right, we’re talking about the two-and-a-half year old Australian Cattle Dog mix, Baxter! Baxter became apart of the Roscoe’s family back in May of 2021 and he’s been singing us his beautiful songs ever since. We love his energy and ability to make friends and we can’t wait to share this awesome guy’s story with you!

First photo of Baxter (then Rex) that his mom ever saw of him!

Rewind back to February of 2021 and Baxter’s soon-to-be mom was looking to adopt a furry friend of her own after the loss of her family’s dog three years before. She had been searching online rescues and browsing shelters, but the competition to adopt was fierce and she was feeling discouraged about ever finding the perfect pup for her. Despite this, Baxter’s mom decided to submit a general adoption application to the Conway Area Humane Society in Conway, New Hampshire in the hopes that someone would come along. Luckily for her, fate was looking out! Only a few days later, Baxter’s mom received a call that several young dogs had just come in from Georgia and that one in particular seemed to suit her lifestyle. Enter Baxter (named Rex by the shelter staff), the cattle dog mix puppy! Baxter’s mom was sent a photo of him and she immediately fell in love. She drove down to the shelter shortly after to meet the young pup and it was definitely a match made in heaven. She adopted Rex that day and on the drive home decided to rename him Baxter in honor of her favorite state park. Little did she know that Baxter would grow to love the outdoors just as much as she did!

Baxter hiking the mountains of Maine!

Nowadays, Baxter, or B as his mother likes to call him, spends most of time being as active as possible. No matter the season, his mother describes him as “constantly running and leaping around in the woods like a deer.” If there are also other dogs around, Baxter will play with them. If there are toys nearby, he will grab them and run. If humans are walking through, he will approach them with excitement. Anything and everything is a new an exciting experience to Baxter! There was even one time, his mother recalls, when Baxter first went out onto the ocean in his grandpa’s boat. He did very well staying still on the skiff right out and loved exploring the boat. Despite his exuberance and energy level, Baxter is usually pretty quiet and seemed to simply take in the sights on the boat ride for most of the journey. That is, however, until the ride back to shore. Baxter suddenly began barking loudly and was seemingly trying to alert his humans to something in the water. Turns out, one of the seat cushions from the boat had blown off into the sea and no one had noticed except Baxter! His grandpa was able to turn the boat around and retrieve the cushion and Baxter went to bed that night knowing he saved the day. Now that’s a good boy!

Baxter asking for cookies on a hike!

Here at Roscoe’s, Baxter is no different and loves to explore every nook and cranny. His nose is always in the air sniffing something or staring up at the sky to watch the birds. He loves to play and romp around with his friends and his often found in the higher energy groups. Despite his mom stating that Baxter is always pretty quiet at home, here at daycare Baxter loves to kick off chorus time. He often decides to start singing a high note until all the other pups join his symphony of beautiful sounds. Good thing he has such a lovely voice! When not singing, however, Baxter is often rolling on his back for some belly rubs, playing king of the ramp outside, and starting swashbuckling adventures with his pals through the play yards. There has never been a bad day for Baxter and we hope he keeps up smiling for a long time. Thanks for always staying true to you, Baxter boy!


“If you’re looking for an intelligent and talented singer in a furry tuxedo, look no further than Baxter. His golden voice would bring a smile to even the harshest of critics! Baxter brightens every room he enters with his larger than life personality. All of these wonderful qualities are wrapped up in the cutest pup this side of the Atlantic. Also, I like his big ears.” – Jeff, Ops Coordinator

“There is so much to say about Baxter! He is a very special pup who seems to have unlimited love to give to everyone he meets. Even when I’m not in group with him he’ll make sure to peep his head over the fence to say hi to me. He loves to play King of the Climb when he isn’t running around with his friends. He is also a fantastic singer and can get an entire group to sing with him, which is always fun to watch; it’s like a free concert! He’s a silly boy with a loving heart. I’m looking forward to many more days of seeing Baxter and sitting front row at his concerts.” – Addy, Ops Coordinator

“From the moment I met him, Baxter captured my heart like no other. He is the spunkiest pup with a heart of gold just bursting at the seams. His hugs and cuddles are simply the best. Every time his big pointy ears and goofy smile walk into work the day becomes brighter, and I know it will be filled with lots of cookies and hugs. Baxter is truly a one of a kind pup!” – Desiree, Ops Coordinator