Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Dee Dee

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We’re beyond excited to share our newest and spunkiest Featured Friend of the Month: Dee Dee! This cutie pie is a three-and-a-half year old Pit Bull mix who we swear is always smiling and has an endless amount of enthusiasm. Her zest for life and absolutely adorable demeanor make Dee Dee a special girl in our book, and we’re proud to call her a part of our family since March of 2019. From her perky ears, to her grumbly sniff sounds, to her love for people and other pets, Dee Dee is the whole doggy package and we can’t wait to share her story with you! It’s just as unique and special as she is!

Dee Dee’s famous smile!

Dee Dee and her family first met at an event in Bangor when she was still up for adoption through a local rescue. Her family had been in search of a new furry family member for a bit, and decided to check out the dogs that were being featured at the event. It was quite the drive up, but they were so glad that they made the trip! Upon first entering the park, Dee Dee’s soon-to-be-family immediately spotted her through the fence and locked eyes with the little pittie-mix. Dee Dee (who was named Diana at the time) had been overwhelmed by the whole event and her new mom was told that she wasn’t very responsive to most of the people who had seen her. When Dee Dee’s new family made the effort to see her, however, she immediately connected with them and opened up as the true, spunky puppy she was! Her family adopted her that day and brought her back to Portland where she seemed to settle in perfectly. If that’s not destiny at work, then we don’t know what is!

Dee Dee sharing her ramp with a friend!

Nowadays, Dee Dee is a dog who loves to have fun, and to share that fun with everyone around her. We weren’t lying when we said she is always smiling because she always seems to have something to smile about! Whether it’s chewing on her rubber crocodile Lyle, running in and out of the waves at the beach, or chasing down her two arch-nemeses Chippy and Red (a chipmunk and red squirrel, respectively), Dee Dee puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does. Even common or mundane things are exciting for Dee Dee, and she makes sure to make a big deal about it. For example, Dee Dee loves to sniff down critters and new scents (looking at you Chippy and Red!), and she’ll put her whole nose into overdrive. She grunts and snorts and snuffles the whole time she’s tracking a scent, and will often sound like a dramatic pig when she’s sniffing around. It really gets her excited for the chase!  As her mom says, “our favorite things about Dee Dee is that she is a big ball of excitement… she has so much love to give and expects the same in return!” Luckily for Dee Dee, she’s easy to love!

All smiles at daycare!

At Roscoe’s, Dee Dee acts much the same as when she is home. She’s always ready and willing to play, play, play, and makes friends in whatever group she’s in. She can often be found running up and down the ramps, and likes to sit like a queen on top of her castle when outside on the big ramp. Dee Dee is always smiling when she comes through our door, and her mom remarks how she gets extra excited to get out of the car when we greet her in the parking lot. It’s obvious to us that she loves her human friends here, because she always jumps for joy about three feet in the air! We feel like it’s a privilege to know Dee Dee, and every day with her is more fun than the last. Her pure joy for life and carefree attitude are contagious, and we just know our play yards wouldn’t be the same without her. We hope you always stay true to yourself, Dee Dee!

If you need a little pick-me-up and want to see Dee Dee’s enthusiasm for yourself, follow along on her adventures through her instagram account, @deedeethedogme. And if you want your pup to be good friends with the lovely Miss D, feel free to reach out to us through phone or email to set up your dog’s first play date. We know Dee Dee always makes room for more friends!


“Dee Dee is like a firecracker always popping. I love her spunky attitude and zest for life. She is always the first to say hello to anyone and although her bark might sound intimidating, she is such a sweet and playful lady. I adore this special girl and am beyond lucky to have befriended her!” -Giselle, Manager

“Dee Dee is my girl! She’s always so full of excitement, zest, and silliness that she’s practically bursting at the seams! When I go to greet her in the morning she simply can’t contain herself and catapults straight up into the air, almost to my eye level! Dee Dee is always down for a good belly rub and head scratches (how could you say no to those big brown eyes?) She loves hopping on and off the agility platforms and can often be found napping on top of one in the afternoon. Even if we’re not in the same playgroup she’ll sit up high, perk those magnificent ears, and watch me from afar. Dee Dee is a one of a kind spunky gal whose enthusiasm and light never fail to bring me joy.” -Elizabeth, Playgroup Supervisor

“Dee Dee is the most wonderful and spunky lady! She bounces with excitement every time she greets you and fills us all with immense joy. It’s been a pleasure getting to learn all of her little intricacies over the past two years!” -Lisa, Manager