Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Dory

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It only takes a single look at our newest featured friend to know that this sweet pup is the whole package! She’s smart, sweet, silly and so, so lovable; just look at those big, brown almond-shaped eyes! Who are we talking about? Why, Dory the yellow Labrador retriever of course! This sweet, 6-year old lady has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since August of 2018 and since she first set paw through our doors, she’s been melting our hearts and making our world a little brighter each day!

Dory as a puppy!

Dory was born in a little suburb outside of Buffalo, New York, where she and her parents first met. Dory’s mom was encouraged by her sister to go meet the breeder and to look at the puppies, since only two remained unspoken for and they were sure to go quickly. At first, Dory’s parents were reluctant since they hadn’t quite gotten over the loss of their previous pup. As you might have guessed, however, they ultimately decided it would be worth the trip and looking back, they’re so glad they did! By the time they arrived, Dory was the last puppy left and she made it easy to fall in love. Her mother notes that there was an instant connection and that Dory was just a little roly-poly, yellow fur ball. As she puts it, “We went there with absolutely no intention of getting a puppy, and we left leaving a deposit and agreeing to come back in a week to pick her up. She pretty much found us, to be honest!” We love a happy ending!

Dory enjoying the sun and sand at the beach

From that point on, Dory grew from a rather energetic but typical puppy with lots of spunk, attitude, and energy, to quite the mellow and humble lady-lab she is today. Maybe it was how she was raised or maybe she was born with it, but anyone who meets Dory now agrees that her good-natured personality, calm demeanor and love of people (especially children!) are her greatest and truest traits. However, don’t mistake her mature ways for apathy or dullness… this pup has a plethora of activities that she’s interested in. Indeed, Dory thrives in the wilderness and she LOVES spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite past-times are hiking, walking, running, chasing the ball into the water, swimming and exploring trails through the woods with her parents. She even took up dock-diving for a while! So while she may have mellowed out a bit from puppyhood, Dory’s definitely down for an adventure or two. Just call her name and she’s by your side! She’ll even bring along healthy snacks! Apples, broccoli and cucumbers are some of her favorites, but almost any vegetable or fruit will do (except for celery…ick!) Hey, no one’s perfect, right?

Dory hanging out with her friends at daycare. (Peep T’choupi, our last featured friend!)

As for her time here at Roscoe’s, Dory is a true friend through-and-through! As we mentioned before, she loves everyone and everything and you’ll literally never catch her having a bad day. Sometimes she makes her way to the more energetic of the bunch where she spends the day wrestling, playing and chasing balls. But on other days she’s happy to mingle with the more low-key crowd where she likes to gossip, take naps and snuggle with her human friends. Truth is, Dory is just happy to be herself and she spreads that happiness and joy to everyone she meets. We couldn’t feel luckier to know a dog like Dory!

If you want Dory to spread a little love and happiness to your pup, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email to set up your dog’s first play date! We know Dory would be beyond thrilled to meet them! ♡


Another puppy pic, because who can resist?!

“Dory is such a bubbly, sweet girl – it’s always such a joy to see her wiggling her cute puppy butt through our doors. Any day we get to spend with sweet Dory is guaranteed to be a great one!” -Ashley, Owner

“Talk about absolute perfection! Dory is just one of those pups  who is truly special. This lady is the sweetest of the sweet! Everyone gets excited to see Dory! But how could you not? Those puppy eyes, her sweet smile and her wiggling bum! She is so easy going and just loves every human and pup. She really is a Roscoe’s role model and one of my favorites ever!” –Megan, Manager

“Sweet Dory is the most laid-back and loving lady. I’m always sooo excited when she’s in my group because I just know that she’ll make me smile throughout the day. I love to watch her mingle with her friends and she loves to learn new tricks and sneak a cookie or two from me when no other dogs are watching. I’m so glad that I get to hang out with Dory!” -Chelsea, Playgroup Supervisor