Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Fenway

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already the last month of 2022 and that the new year is right around the corner. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! With a new month, however, comes a new Featured Friend, and we’re beyond excited to introduce her to you. Meet miss Fenway! This sweet pup is a 3 1/2 year old Husky and Cattle Dog mix who became a part of the Roscoe’s family back in December of 2020 (happy two year anniversary, Fenway!) She’s sassy and sweet and full of spunk and we just know you’re going to love her to bits!

Fenway hamming it up in front of the camera

Fenway and her family first met when her parents were still living in Denver, Colorado. They knew they had wanted to adopt a new puppy into their lives and they decided to pick one from a rescue called Lifeline Puppy Rescue. From there, Fenway, her siblings, and her dog mom all traveled from Cuba, New Mexico to Denver where they could meet their new families. Fenway’s parents hadn’t gone to the rescue looking for one, particular pup, but it wasn’t long before they found Fenway. Or, should we say, Fenway found them! She ran right up to them and immediately started giving them kisses all over. She wasn’t shy or timid or even a little unsure. She knew exactly who her family was the minute she saw them! And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now that Fenway and her parents are living here in the wonderful state of Maine, Fenway can’t get enough of the great outdoors! She loves to hike and run and swim and explore all that the pine tree state has to offer, especially here in Portland. Her parents also love the dog-friendly patios in town and how Fenway is always welcome at local breweries. She likes to take her parents out for a night on the town! Perhaps Fenway’s favorite activity, however, is digging in the sand at the beach. There’s nothing like the salty air in her fur and the feel of the wet sand beneath her toes as she digs. She likes to leave her little potholes wherever she goes!

Fenway and her favorite cow toy watching out for the mailman

Of course, Fenway also likes to spend her time at home catching up on beauty sleep and keeping an eye out for that pesky mailman. She’s always on alert when people walk by and if she sees you from afar, listen for her howl. Her mom is always amazed at how long she can hold a note! When she’s not on guard, however, Fenway likes to cuddle with her favorite toy and best friend in the whole world, a plush Scottish cow named Coo. She carries it everywhere and treats it like her baby, always snuggling with it and keeping it curled against her body. If there’s one thing she loves more than Coo, however, it’s food! Fenway is a food hound for sure and she loves everything from cheese to tuna, carrots to shrimp, and even hot dogs and milk. In fact, if she even hears someone get out the milk jug from the fridge, she comes running. We suppose she doesn’t have a particularly refined pallet!

Fenway giving us her puppy dog eyes

Here at Roscoe’s of course, Fenway continues her love affair with food and is always looking for a way to get treats. She will sit, lie down, wait and even give us the big puppy dog eyes while she sits at your feet. How are we supposed to resist that?! When she’s not munching on cookies, however, Fenway is playing with her friends and climbing the dog ramps outside. She loves to be the highest one on the hill! Luckily, no one argues with her because when it comes down to it, Fenway is best for the job. She’s always looking out for her friends and making sure that no one comes poking around while everyone’s out having fun. (Hey, you never know where that pesky mailman might be….) At the end of the day, however, Fenway is just happy to play with her friends, both canine and human, and is always the first one to say hello or goodbye when people are coming and going. We hope you always stay your sweet self, Fenway! We just know you’re going to continue to do great things in life.


“Fenway has the absolute sweetest disposition! She always comes through the lobby door smiling from ear to ear, eager to greet all her friends, both dog and human alike. She would do anything for a cookie (I mean who can blame her?) and is a total joy to have in playgroup.” – Elizabeth, Ops Coordinator

“Oh, Fenway is one amazing pup the way she comes in everyday showing her spunky personality. She is so sweet and loves her people almost as much as she loves her treats. She knows the perfect balance between playing and getting her beauty sleep. It is amazing to get to know her everyday and I can’t wait for more to come!” -Angelina, Ops Coordinator

“Fenway, my favorite little husky mix, is always the first one to greet me whenever I head into the yard she is in. She always ensures that my feet are warm and that I’m never alone in group! She brightens up my day every time I know she’s here at Roscoe’s”!  -Lindsey, Ops Coordinator