Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Ginger

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Happy September, friends! We can’t believe how fast summer is flying by, but at least that means we get to highlight another wonderful Featured Friend of the Month! Say hello to Ginger, a 6 year old Brittany rescue who has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since September of 2019 (happy three year anniversary, Ginger!) Ginger is a sweet and spunky soul who loves to play with her friends and hang out in the VIP section as a ‘very important pup.’ We love her zest for life and we think you will, too!

Ginger as an adorable puppy!

Ginger and her parents first met one snowy, December evening in 2016. Ginger had taken the long journey all the way from Tennessee to see her new family, and they eagerly awaited for her at the edge of the Maine turnpike in the Kittery welcome center. She was a shy and rather timid puppy at first, but from the moment she stepped off the truck her parents knew she was the one! She was their best Christmas gift yet and it wasn’t long before she was settled into her new home and sleeping peacefully by the flickering fire. Ginger seemed to feel immediately at ease and we think that’s because she was always meant to be where she ended up, as a cherished member of her family and a good friend here at Roscoe’s!

Ginger at the beach!

Over the years, Ginny, as her parents like to call her, grew into a fun-loving and adventurous girl who fell in love with the changing seasons and all that Maine has to offer. She likes to catch leaves in the fall, swim in the summer, splash in spring puddles, and dart through the snow during winter. She has really transitioned well from being born a southern girl! No matter the season, however, Ginger’s favorite past time by far is playing fetch with a chuck-it ball. The farther it’s thrown, the faster she runs! She also has a love for hiking and being outdoors in nature, something she shares with her parents. No matter the weather, Ginger is always down for it! When it’s finally time to come inside and rest, though, she enjoys relaxing with her paws up and taking a well-deserved snooze. She might even get to nibble on her all time favorite treats: freeze dried salmon skin! (What? She has an eccentric pallet!) Ginger is a dog who knows what she likes and we’re glad she has the spunk to get it all done.

Ginger’s Christmas photoshoot!

And speaking of spunk, we love having Ginger here at Roscoe’s because she always puts her best paw forward and brings her A-game everyday. Ginger’s mom likes to think that Ginger spends her day bossing everyone around (and we won’t argue that!), but she also spends it snuggling, playing, and munching on treats. Ginger is part of our VIP program and thrives under the structure and routine of the day. She has her special friends and her allotted rest time, and she loves that she gets to see most of the same pups every day. It’s win-win for everyone! Ginger is a sweet and loving kind of girl who is happiest when she’s getting her ears scratched and being gifted cookies by the playgroup supervisors. It’s amazing how she always manages to get one with just a simple look. We guess that’s why it’s called the puppy dog eyes! Ginger has really come out of her shell since her first day of daycare and we couldn’t be more proud of our favorite, freckled girl. We hope you always stay true to who you are, Ginger!


“Oh my sweet Ginger, what is there to not love about her? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her since I started working at Roscoes. She’s a beautiful lady with a big personality. I’ve enjoyed every minute of having her in group, or hanging out with her in VIP. She’s such a ray of sunshine, and I’ve loved getting to know her over the years, and look forward to many more!” -Cassie, Playgroup Supervisor

“Ginger has to be one of my favorite gals! She has such a big and spunky personality that fills up the whole room. She always finds the perfect balance between playing with her friends and getting lots of kisses in between. Her bubbly persona makes any day fun and always tends to brighten up mine! She is such a cutie and I always look forward to seeing her check in for the day!!” -Jade, Ops Coordinator

“From the moment I met ginger she has been such a bright light. She has really come out of her shell and her spunky personality is incomparable. Getting to connect with her has been such a privilege. Every time I see her little smile I always know it will be a great day filled with love and snuggles!” -Desiree, Ops Coordinator