Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Hazel

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As we say goodbye to March and hello to the warmer days of April, it’s the perfect time to introduce you to our newest Featured Friend, Hazel! This sweet and sassy Siberian Husky is a lot of personality wrapped up in one small but beautiful package! Hazel has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since June of 2018, and next month she will celebrate her 5th birthday (happy almost birthday Hazel!) Over the four years of attending Roscoe’s, Hazel has stolen our hearts while also keeping us on our toes. She’s cute, she’s sassy, she’s a little bit of a diva, but she’s all full of love and ready to share her story!

Hazel on the dock at her favorite place: the beach!

Hazel and her parents first met when she was still just a tiny puppy living with her canine mother and siblings. Her human parents had to wait to take her home until she was twelve weeks old, but they came to visit her once before and it was love at first sight! When the time finally came to take their Hazel home, her parents recall that the transition was quite easy and she felt more than comfortable after only a few short days. Now, Hazel rules the house like the queen she is and has even earned herself the nickname of ‘Girlie’ because of her diva-like nature. Good thing she knows how to balance out that sass with a whole bunch of sweetness!

Growing up in Maine, Hazel learned to love the great outdoors as well as the salty sea air. The beach is her absolute favorite place to go and her parents make an effort to bring her there every day so she can chase the waves, seagulls, and other playful pups. Being a husky, she of course never gets cold and is even down for a romp in the winter! When she’s not at the beach, however, Hazel enjoys the royalty life at home where she likes to indulge in her favorite snack of chicken and pull the stuffing out of all of her plush toys. Her parents like that she’s super smart, bravely independent and little mischievous at times, but that certainly keeps them on their toes! Indeed, one of their favorite memories of Hazel was when she escaped the house on Christmas day and wandered into the neighbor’s backyard. Because of her smaller size and wild-like features, the neighbors thought she was a coyote and came running out of their house to scare her off. Luckily, they quickly realized it was only sweet, little Hazel!

Hazel getting a sweet treat at daycare!

Of course, when she’s not exploring the beach or tricking her neighbors, Hazel likes to come to Roscoe’s where she can hang out with her canine friends and talk gossip over the water bowl. Her parents note that Hazel tends to be more social with other dogs than with people, so she can often be found in the medium energy group where she can play and romp if she wants, but also nap and sit for treats. She’s always trying to get her nose into that cookie container! Hazel likes to be everyone’s big sister and best friend here at Roscoe’s, and playing queen of the ramp outside is one of her favorite games. Somehow, she always seems to win! (We suspect it’s because a throne is her natural chair of choice.) We feel forever grateful to be blessed with the presence of Hazel and her sweet and silly personality. She always greets us with a single woof in the morning and says goodbye with a single, short howl in the afternoon. Best of all? We can see how genuine she is with her love for everyone she meets. Keep being you, Hazel!


“I what can I say about Hazel ? She is a pint size husky with a big personality. She’s a smart cookie and she will do anything to get cookies. She politely tapped you with her paw to get your attention and as soon as you see those soulful brown eyes she has you under her spell. She’s always ready for a nap with a friend and She can’t resist a howl session with her crew. Hazel is best friends with big and small dogs alike. She loves to give a little howl in greeting , whether she is coming or going. She always makes my day a little brighter.” -Rachel, Ops Coordinator

“I can’t say enough good things about sweet Hazel! Not only is she adorable, but she’s also one of the smartest dogs I know. She’ll do just about any trick you ask (if there are treats involved of course!) One of my favorite things about Hazel is that she always makes sure to give us goodbye “awoos” before she leaves. I’ve absolutely loved getting to know her over the years and I look forward to many more!” -Aspen, Manager

“Hazel is such a clever little lady! She’s always looking to show off her many tricks like “speak”, “touch”, or “paw”. The staff just can’t resist giving her all the treats she wants! Another one of my favorite things about Hazel is that each time she arrives for the day or departs to go home, she has to serenade us with adorable little husky awoos (even more so in the wintertime when she can sing to the snow!)” -Elizabeth, Ops Coordinator


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