Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Indie

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Happy June! It might have gotten off to a chilly start here in Maine, but our adorable new Featured Friend is warming our hearts. She’s a sassy, silly, and totally sweet little Beagle mix pup who plays hard and naps often. We’re talking, of course, about nine-month old Indie! With her floppy little ears, playful attitude, and Beagle-like bark, who could resist such a sweet muffin?! Indie has been a part of our pack since November of last year, and we’re so excited to finally get to share her story. She’s definitely not a dime a dozen!

Indie experiencing autumn as a small pup!

Originally from Brunswick, Maine, Indie has been a true New England girl since birth. She and her family first met when her parents began looking for a dog to adopt through Passion for Pets rescue. It had been several weeks and her parents hadn’t quite clicked with the right pup yet… until they saw Indie! Her mom, Kayla, remembers how “we fell in love with Indie’s cute little face immediately and brought her home to us at just 13 weeks. It was love at first snuggle and Indie very quickly became our little shadow!” Sometimes the stars align perfectly and what’s meant to be is meant to be. It’s obvious to us that little Indie and her new parents were made for each other and, as it often goes, they now can’t imagine their life without her!

Nowadays, Indie’s parents admit that she is one spoiled pup and even gets a monthly box of toys and treats delivered right to the door. As such, she constantly has new plush toys, ropes, balls, cookies, and accessories to choose from. Even with all the new goodies, however, Indie’s favorite toy remains a stuffed puppy that she’s had since her first night in her new home. Her parents like to refer to it as her “briefcase” because every morning she carries it out into the living room and trots off like she’s going to work. Perhaps she has a future in business! It would seem to fit her personality, too, as Indie can be a somewhat sassy girl, always getting into wacky antics and leaving her parents laughing. However, she’s also very smart and has even taught herself how to play fetch— she often likes to throw toys or treats into the air and then chase after them all by herself. Sounds like a smart corporate girl to us!

Indie with her favorite stuffed dog toy!

Of course, Indie isn’t all sass and business; she also is a total sweetheart with a heart for adventure and a nose that will take her anywhere. Indie has loved living in Maine and exploring new walks, trails, and beaches with her parents, who have only recently moved here. Being adopted in November, Indie has already experienced the cold, snowy winters as well as the early, warm summers that Maine has to offer. Good thing she loves them all! Whether it’s trotting through the snow and chasing snowballs, or laying on the porch to sunbathe, Indie is down for a good time and ready to make memories. Her parents describe her as a “play hard, nap hard kind of girl” because after her long adventures outside, she’ll plop down in her bed or on the back of the couch and just snooze away. Hey, a hardworking business girl like her needs a lot of beauty sleep!

What might surprise you about Indie, though, is that she used to be a rather shy pup. Despite instantly falling in love with her parents and feeling right at home, Indie struggled with separation anxiety when left alone and would often hide behind her mom’s legs when new people or dogs approached her. Luckily for her, however, her parents found our Puppy Program and quickly signed Indie up in hopes that she could learn some confidence training. Well, we’re happy to report that it worked! Indie is now a totally confident girl who has a ton of friends (both human and canine!) and loves to romp around and play. Her mom remarks how “Roscoe’s Puppy Program helped Indie come out of her shell and broaden her circle of friends. Now, when we drive into the Roscoe’s parking lot, she is clamoring to get inside and see her pals!” We love results like these and are so grateful to have Indie walk through our doors every morning. She makes our whole day brighter and fills the air with her happy howls. We can’t wait to see what the future hold for our sweet Indie girl!


Indie posing for a Roscoe’s pic!

“Where to start? From the moment Indie started in our Puppy Program I knew she was going to be a special one! She always jumps into each day she spends with us with so much energy! I always get so excited when I see her around for the day and always try to carve out a spare moment to get a good cuddle in! She’s a spunky little lady that always brightens my day!” -Abby, Ops Coordinator

It has been a pleasure to watch Indie thrive here at Roscoe’s! It’s hard to believe she used to be so shy before joining our Puppy Program. Since graduating and transferring to Core, she has become a spunky, sociable pup! She really bonded with her fellow Puppy grads, and it’s so cute to see their friendships continue in our Core program. We’re so thrilled to have Indie at Roscoe’s and can’t wait to see her continue to bloom into the sweet, young lady she’s destined to be!” -Katey, Ops Coordinator

“Little Indie is such a special pup. She may seem really shy at first but I love watching her playful side come out. She gains an incredible amount of confidence in the yard when playing with her friends and it’s so cool to see. Watching her wrestle with the other pups always gives me a good laugh. She lightens up every room she goes into and I can’t wait to see her more and watch her gain even more confidence!” -Addy, Ops Coordinator