Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Leo

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July is upon us and that means it’s time for our newest Featured Friend to make their splash. Enter Leo; the cutest and scruffiest 7-month-old Aussiedoodle you’ll ever meet! Leo has only been a part of the Roscoe’s family since March of this year, but that hasn’t stopped this little cutie from making a huge impact! In our four months together, we’ve come to learn that Leo is a pup who likes to take chances and has big aspirations for his future. He has signed up for both our Puppy Program and our VIP Program and has blown us away with his talents! We just know that you’ll love Leo as much as we do and we can’t wait to share his story with you!

Leo being his true self at home

Leo is a little pup in a big city who currently lives with his parents right here in Portland, Maine. Because he’s still quite young, Leo likes to spend his time getting into trouble and indulging in all kinds of fun puppy activities. Some of his favorite pastimes include hiking the many trails that Maine has to offer and looking for big sticks to carry home. Leo’s mom remarks how one of his best personality traits is his loyalty, and so she’s never afraid of letting him off leash for their adventures. He always sticks around (pun intended!) Leo also has the special privilege of living right across the street from his puppy sister so when he’s not romping around in the woods, he’s romping around in the yard with her. It’s a real dream come true!

However, Leo is also a pup who likes to cause mischief and some unnecessary worry for his parents. Indeed, there was one time when he and his family were on the rooftop deck of their townhouse when little Leo decided to squeeze himself under the protective railing and out onto the open roof all by himself. By the time his parents noticed, he was trotting along right to the edge of the four-story-high roof to get a better look! Luckily, Leo’s mom was able to shout two simple commands to him: “sit!” and “stay!”, and Leo listened long enough for his parents to come and rescue him. We assume that was the day that Leo learned you don’t mess with the mom voice!

What we love most about Leo’s rescue story, however, is the fact that Leo had the behavioral knowledge to sit and stay when he needed to the most. At that time, Leo was attending the Roscoe’s Puppy Program and was learning all kinds of important life skills as well as his basic commands. His mom notes that “we can’t say enough great things about the puppy program. The training is so important and, in our case, I believe it saved Leo’s life. You were somehow able to work with him to teach him critical behavior tools that make all our lives so much better!” We’re so happy that it helped you, Leo!

Leo and is puppy friend at daycare

Of course, it’s not all hard work and training for Leo when he comes to Roscoe’s because we also make time for his special VIP sessions. Leo loves one-on-one attention and is always so excited to play in the VIP playgroup! He’s easy-going and good at making friends, which makes settling him into a group for game-time super easy! Leo can often be found playing tag with his puppy friends, posing for cute group photos, and climbing all the ramps to be crowned king. Just like at home, he’s a little bit mischievous but a whole lot of adorable! We feel so honored that we get to help teach our little Leo and watch him grow into the perfect pup we know he is!

Leo has a blast making new friends and can’t wait to meet your pup, too! If you’re interested in setting up a playdate with us, feel free to reach out through phone or email. Leo can’t wait!


“Making friends wherever he goes, Leo is always the life of the party. He’s a small dog with a huge personality that’s impossible not to love. Leo always shows us how to live life to the fullest! I always look forward to seeing Leo’s big smile!” -Taylor, Playgroup Supervisor

“What’s not to love about lil’ Leo?! From his adorable puppy dog eyes to his radiant smile, he lights up every room he enters! Leo greets everyone he meets with a full body wiggle and a wagging tail and he is always eager to make new friends. Leo’s outgoing and upbeat personality is infectious and it’s impossible not to instantly fall in love with him!” –Aspen, Playgroup Supervisor

““Leo is the giddiest ball of sunshine. He struts everywhere he goes and believes he is the star of the show. Who are we to tell him otherwise?? With a personality as charming as his, it makes Leo irresistible! Because of this, he is fast to make friends and will never turn down a chance to wrestle or try to engage with a pup who may need a little help jumping into the fun. However, Leo is also happy to sleep and snuggle with friends too, especially after a long day of play. I am so grateful to spend time with this fuzzy man when I can!” -Giselle, Manager

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