Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Leonard

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Happy November friends! We always look forward to the beginning of each month because that means we get to share another wonderful Featured Friend! This month, we’re excited to introduce you to our teeny tiny friend named Leonard! Leonard is a 1 year old miniature Dauchshund who has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since May of this year, and boy oh boy is he cute! We know great things come in small packages, but Leonard really drives home how true that expression is. He’s friendly, charismatic, photogenic, and now he’s ready to make your acquaintance!

Little Leonard posing for the camera!

Leonard and his mom first met all the way out in the midwest in Colorado. Leonard was even teenier and tinier than he is now and, at only eight week old, about the size of a venti Starbucks coffee cup. (Can you just imagine?!) Some transitions from one home to another can be stressful for a young pup, but not for Leonard! Since day one it seems, he was perfectly comfortable and never made a peep. His mom remembers that he settled right into his new life in his new home and there was zero whining or whimpering or even common puppy troubles. He was a gentleman right from the start! You would think for small pup like him in such a big, wide world that he might have some reservations, but Leonard charged through puppyhood with wonder, curiosity, and a zest for life that can’t be beat! We don’t think you can convince him that he’s actually only eleven pounds!

Now that Leonard and is mom are both living right here in Portland in the wonderful state of Maine, life has only gotten better for Leonard. He and his mom both love the rocky coast and often talk long walks around the Kennebunk and Ogunquit beaches. Leonard may still be smaller than most, but he fancies himself a big dog and will often make friends with some of the biggest pups he meets. Of course, it’s not hard for Leonard since his best personality trait is how calm and friendly he is— he’s never met a stranger! In fact, one of Leonard’s best friends is his neighbor, an elderly twelve year old dog who is grumpy with almost everyone… except for Leonard! They’re good friends and often share quiet afternoons together. That’s totally part of Leonard’s M.O.! 

Leonard making friends with the big dogs!

Apart from being calm, friendly, and the best walking buddy around, Leonard is also goofy and lighthearted. He always leaves us laughing! Leonard’s mom recalls one her favorite memories of him and when he was still just a puppy and he heard his mom’s laugh for the first time. He jumped right into her lap and was sniffing and licking her face all over, almost as if asking “what’s so funny?!” Leonard also always assumes he can handle whatever the big dogs can handle and will often carry around stuffed animals or toys that are much bigger than him. He often rounds the corners with his favorite stuffed yeti toy and you can barely see his little tail wagging over the yeti. We guess that’s why his mom calls him “her little nerd.” He’s just so goofy!

Here at Roscoe’s, Leonard doesn’t hide his personality or shy away from anything… he’s just as free spirited and fun! You can often find him hanging out in the small dog group with his fellow littles tumbling around and playing chase. Leonard is usually at the head of the pack and will always invite others to join in. He’s super popular around here, and not just with the other dogs! Leonard loves his human friends as well and will often curl up on the playgroup supervisor’s lap or lay at their feet for some treats. He also seems to be aware that he’s incredibly handsome because he always poses for pictures and sits perfectly still while getting photographed. He like to look good for his report card! We love having little Leonard as part of our Roscoe’s fam and we can’t wait to see what adventures await him in the future. The world is his oyster and we know Leonard will do amazing things. After all, his motto is “great things come in small packages!”


Leonard asking for cookies!

“Leonard may be small but he has one of the biggest personalities I’ve ever seen! Not only does he become best friends with basically every dog he meets, but he’s also always eager to spend time with his human pals. He’s one of the most photogenic pups around and he always seems to make an appearance in every group photo! Leonard’s silly antics and bubbly personality always brightens up my day and it has been pleasure getting to care for him. I wish him the best of luck as he embarks on new adventures out west!” -Aspen, Manager

“I remember Leonard’s first day at Roscoes; he was nervous and didn’t play much. Believe me, however, it didn’t take long for him to come out of his shell! He zooms into the lobby every morning and is always so excited to get into group and play with all of his friends! In between play time he’ll always make sure to stop and give you those big puppy eyes while he begs for treats, and how can you say no to that. He has such a big personality for such a small boy but that’s what we all love about him!” -Myah, Ops Coordinator

“Leonard is a terrific dog to have in group and is always so eager to jump up on you lap and just give you kisses. He is definitely one of the cutest little pups we have!” -Curtis, Playgroup Supervisor

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