Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Lily

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Happy August! We can’t believe it’s already time for another Featured Friend, but we’re so excited that this month it’s all about Lily! This sweetheart is a six year old yellow Labrador who takes her job as a retriever very seriously. Lily has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since all the way back in 2016, and yet she still keeps up laughing every day! Whether it’s chasing a ball, chasing after treats, or simply being her silly self, Lily has a way of wiggling into your heart and making an impression forever. We can’t wait to share this sweet girl’s story with you!

Lily being her smiley self!

Lily and her parents first met when she was just a tiny puppy living with her original canine family in Turner, Maine. Lily’s parents had made arrangements to drive up to see her and in true family fashion, it was love at first sight! Since the day they brought her home, Lily has been a staple in the household and a loyal friend, family member and companion. She has been by her parents side through moves, weddings and babies, and they wouldn’t want it any other way! Lily’s parents are proud to have watched her grow from just a puppy herself into her role as a big sister and babysitter. As it turns out, Lily loves children and is the perfect pup to play with their toddler and baby. We knew it all along, Lily!

Aside from her role as official best big sister, however, Lily likes to spend her free time doing what labs do best… chasing and retrieving things! Her absolute favorite possession in the whole world is her orange ball which, if her parent’s would let her, she would chase all day and all night. There’s no off-switch for this driven dog! In fact, part of the reason that her parents love living here in Maine is because of how different all four seasons are and how much each season offers Lily a chance to run and chase. In winter, Lily prances through the snow and works her muscle as a snowplow. In autumn, she goes apple picking with her family and likes to run through the leaves. In spring, Lily tramps through the mud and likes to roll in the fresh grass. And in summer, which is Lily’s favorite season, she loves to go swimming at the lake and running along the many trails and paths. There’s something special for Lily in every season, and we might venture to say that Lily herself brings something special to every moment!

Lily and her friends!

Of course, Lily always has time for her friends here at Roscoe’s, and we’ve been lucky enough to have her in our lives for five whole years! Since the beginning, Lily has been an active dog who always spends her time in the higher energy groups. She likes the vibes that these groups bring her and to be able to stretch her paws and climb up and down ramps. Plus, when the ball comes out the gloves come off! True to her nature, there’s nothing Lily loves more at Roscoe’s than playing fetch with her friends. She’s always the first to bring you the ball, chase the ball and remind you that the ball is there. Sometimes, she even tries to chase a ball being thrown in the opposite yard! And when it’s not time for playing fetch, Lily will always leave you laughing. We can’t count how many times she’s made funny faces for the camera or done something silly in front of her friends. Good thing she’s never embarrassed and always true to herself. We couldn’t ask for a better friend than Lily!

Best thing about Lily? She loves everyone! That’s why we know she’d be pumped to meet your dog and teach them the best ways to play fetch! If interested in being part of the Roscoe’s family like Lily, feel free to reach out through phone or email to set up a playdate!


“Lily is like a supercharged ray of sunshine! I don’t think I’ve met a pup who can play fetch for as long as her. She looooves chasing the ball endlessly for hours. And when she’s not zooming faster than the speed of light, she does an excellent job splashing all the water out of the pool (or the water bowl). What’s not to love about that smiley silly goober!?” -Evan, Manager

“Lily is the sweetest, bounciest lady I know! Her big bright smile never fails to brighten my day. She’s the champion of fetch and she’s always go, go, go!” -Elizabeth, Playgroup Supervisor

“Lily! She will show you how to cool down when it’s hot, and if your cold she will snuggle you. She also gives the best kisses. It’s all apart of her sweet demeanor. Her wild self is what makes playtime fun. Her happy self will always make any one smile. We are lucky to have her!” -Angelina, Playgroup Supervisor

Ready to join the pack?