Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Mabel

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already been a whole year since our last January Featured Friend? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Of course, with a new month comes a new friend for us to highlight and we’re beyond excited to share the first Featured Friend of 2023; Mabel the French Bulldog! Mabel is a one year old, purebred Frenchie who became a part of the Roscoe’s family back in March of last year. Mabel is a little dog with a big personality who has never met a stranger. She loves everyone and everything and we don’t believe she’s ever had a bad day. Her positivity and zest for life sure are contagious!

Mabel partaking in her favorite past time, napping!

Mabel’s story begins in the winter of 2022 when she was happily adopted by her new mom. Mabel’s mom had lost of her last beloved Frenchie, Olive, not that long ago in 2021, and was now looking for a new companion. She decided to reach out to the same breeder she had adopted Olive from and, as the fates had it, they had a cute little female Frenchie ready to make her way home soon! Mabel’s mom was very excited to have a new puppy in the household, but it sure was a big transition from her last dog! After all, Olive was older and geriatric when she ultimately passed, but here was Mabel young, spunky, and full of that never-ending puppy energy! Her mom remembers how she chewed everything and seemed to never want to sleep, but eventually they got into a solid routine and all the pieces fit right into place. Now, Mabel’s mom says it seems like Mabel as been a part of her family forever, and she can’t imagine her life without her!

Nowadays, Mabel has grown into a wonderful and fun-loving young lady who has gained many friends and earned many nicknames throughout her teenage years. Some of her mother’s favorites are Mabellina, Mabali, and Mabel Louise. Her most used nickname, however, is The Bug, a callback to Mabel’s puppyhood when she looked like a giant bug with protruding eyes. How cute is that?! Aside from her adorable nicknames, Mabel also has a way with people. In fact, one of her closest friends is her human neighbor, whom she likes to take many walks with since that neighbor lost her own dog quite recently. It’s a very good relationship for the both of them since the neighbor gets time spent with a loving canine companion, and Mabel gets lots of exercise and time spent outside exploring. Talk about #relationshipgoals!

Mabel “smiling” for the camera!

Of course, when she’s not hanging out with her bestie from across the street, Mabel and her mom are out hiking the Maine trails, hanging out by the ocean, and dining at Portland’s many dog-friendly restaurants. They love the community here in Portland, and all that the Pine Tree state has to offer. Good thing Mabel is such an adventurous and out-going pup! Of course, sometimes her spunky spirit gets her in trouble, like when she steals food and other trinkets off the side of the road when out for walks. Her mom says they’re working on Mabel’s manners and that she’s gotten a lot better, but she always seems to keep her mom on her toes! Of course, with all the mischief and bad table manners comes the snuggly and sweet side of Mabel, too. In fact that’s her true personality most of the time! Mabel love to snuggle under warm blankets or curl up next to the heater when she’s feeling sleepy. She destroys anything with a squeaker but is gentle and patient with children and other young puppies. As we said before, she’s never met a stranger and if you happen to meet Mabel on the street when out for a walk, you’ll only leave feeling better than you did before!

Perhaps this is why Mabel fits right in here at Roscoe’s. From her very first day, we could tell that Mabel was a pup who loved people, cookies, and time spent with her fellow dogs. Being on the smaller side, Mabel would show her affection to her human caretakers here by licking their ankles when she wanted some attention. She also likes to get into staring contests with people which usually ends wither her getting the zoomies and running on over to get butt scratches. She can never get enough! Mabel also loves, loves, loves to play and can often be found wrestling and chasing her fellow small dogs. She even has a group of other playful Frenchies whom she loves to trot around with! In fact, get them all going at the same time and you can hear Mabel’s excitement in her dinosaur-like scream. Yes, you heard that right! Mabel loves to emit a loud, screeching sound when playing which falls somewhere between that of a raccoon and a pterodactyl. It’s definitely a French Bulldog trait which Mabel loves to utilize! All in all, Mabel is a spunky sweetheart of a dog who loves to smile and make everyone’s day better. She stole our hearts from day one and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We can’t wait to see when the future holds for you little Mabel!


Mabel hanging out with her friend at daycare!

“There is so much to say about little miss Mabel! She is loved by everyone here at Roscoe’s, especially my own pup. You’ll never have to guess if she’s in group or not because if she is, she’ll be right there licking your ankles. Mabel is a big personality in a little body and she brings so much joy to the entire group when she’s here. I look forward to many more days at Roscoe’s with little Mabel!” – Addy, Playgroup Supervisor

“Mabel is hands down one of my favorite pups to have in group. She’s always so excited to see everyone and plays so well with others! The second you make eye contact with her, she comes running to say hello— even if you’re just walking by. She’s just so sweet and energetic; she sure knows how to keep the party going!” –Marie, Playgroup Supervisor

“Mabel has a big personality for such a little lady! She is powered by love and is quick to give kisses to everyone— dog or human. Mabel is a well-known member of the Frenchie mafia here at Roscoe’s and is always on the move when she’s at daycare. We’re so grateful to have such a bubbly pup like Mabel here at Roscoe’s!” –Katey, Playgroup Supervisor