Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Millie

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already the last month of 2023, but it’s not hard to believe that our super special and long-time friend Millie is the newest Featured Friend! Born on December 22, 2013 (happy almost birthday!), Millie is a soon-to-be 10 year old mixed breed who became apart of the Roscoe’s pack back in 2016. That makes her one of the OG pups! Since then, Millie has grown so much and gone through many life-changes and adventures, including beating the odds with her amazing spirit and love for life. We can’t wait to share her beautiful life story with you!

Millie is one sophisticated lady!

Millie and her family first met almost ten years ago when Millie was just a puppy. She had been rescued from Arkansas and driven up to Vermont where she was to meet her adopted family for the first time. Long, lanky, clumsy, and a little dirty from the trip, Millie strode off the truck and into her parent’s arms where the family was finally complete. Sure, she was a little bigger than her parent’s originally thought, but Millie was taken home with them anyway where she got a warm bath, a new bed and blanket, and lots of love for years to come. Her parent’s recall how she was a little difficult in the beginning during her rebellious teenage phase, but eventually Millie fell into a routine and learned what a loving home and family truly meant. Now, it’s like she has always been apart of her parent’s (and our!) lives!

As she grew into an adult and, now, a senior lady, Millie has picked up many favorite hobbies and activities. She loves to sunbathe, beg for food scraps, go for walks, zoom around her yard with her canine cousin, snuggle with her humans, throw around her toys, and even hide her bones and other treasures in the backyard. She is truly a well-rounded pup! However, Millie also has a wild side and her parent’s recall one specific moment when they left a rotisserie chicken on the counter still enclosed in the container. They headed down to the basement for no longer than 30 seconds and when they returned, the plastic container was on the floor and the entire chicken was gone, bones and all! Luckily, Millie was alright and able to pass the bones easily, but her parents were not amused (at the time anyway!) To this day, her parents insist that rotisserie chicken is still her favorite food!

Millie is all smiles for her chemo graduation day photo! Congratulations Millie!

Despite the chicken mishap, however, Millie’s parents say the best thing about her is her kind spirit, loving nature, and calm presence. She can always brighten even the darkest of their days! This is why when in the spring of 2021, her parents were devastated when they learned that Millie had developed bone cancer in her back leg. Their regular vet didn’t think Millie had much chance of surviving and so the family reached out to an oncologist. Thankfully, they were given hope when it seemed like there could be a solution… amputation! Willing to give Millie the best chance at survival, her parents agreed and soon Millie became what we affectionally call ‘a tripawd dog!’ She also underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and eventually, Millie graduated from chemo in September of 2021 with a clean bill of health and a happy future ahead. We are beyond thrilled to report that, to this day, Millie remains cancer free! It seems like her healing nature, happy spirit, and will to live truly helped Millie through the hardest time of her life. She is a true canine hero!

Despite it all, Millie remains one of the happiest, friendliest, and most carefree pups we have here at Roscoe’s. Thanks to our VIP Program, Millie is able to get the one-on-one attention she needs as a tripawd dog as well as more downtime in a smaller group of her friends. That doesn’t mean she still isn’t the life of the party, though! Millie still enjoys a good romp outside, time spent with her canine pals, as well as many cuddles and snuggles with her human companions. We’ve had the pleasure of watching Millie grow these past seven years and witness all her major life events, both good and bad. We feel honored and blessed to have been able to help her through as well as share in the happy times. Roscoe’s wouldn’t be the same without Millie walking through our doors!

If you’ve been inspired by Millie’s story and want to follow along in her many adventures, follow her Instagram account at @millie_mae_hamilton. We promise you’ll be smitten!


Millie basks in the sunshine!

“I aspire to be as laidback as Millie! All she wants is to spend the day basking in the sun and getting free treats. She knows it’s what she deserves, and I agree. There isn’t a negative thing I could say about her. She’s a sweet, gentle lady that gets along with everybody! Every day spent with Millie is the best day ever!” -Jeff, Playgroup Supervisor

“If there was ever a determined, strong willed, and spunky friend it is miss Millie. Every time Millie strolls into Roscoes I know it will be a day full of snuggles, smiles and lots of cookies. Her sophisticated manner is accompanied by so much love and an energy unlike any other. Any day Millie joins us at Roscoes is a fantastic day. Three legs has never looked so good!” -Desiree, Ops Coordinator

“Oh miss Millie! She is truly such a special VIP friend. She is loved by all people and dogs alike and is so sweet. I look forward to seeing her every time she is here, it makes my day better!” -Angelina, Playgroup Supervisor