Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Nikita

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She’s one pint-sized pup, a tiny powerhouse and now, she’s our newest Featured Friend of the Month! Sweet Nikita is a four year old Alaskan Klee Kai who has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since February of 2019. She might be small, but she has a large personality and definitely makes an impression. Nikita fills us with life every day and her squeaky barks and bouncy feet will have you smiling from ear to ear. We can’t wait to share her story with you!

Nikita making herself right at home!

Nikita first joined her family when she was a tiny puppy from the state of Massachusetts. Like all new parents, Nikita’s mom and dad worried how she would settle into her new home but as her mom remarks now, “she came, she saw, she conquered!” Needless to say, Nikita felt instantly at ease in her house and it wasn’t long before she rose to the top as queen. She’s an active and energetic girl and was thrilled to have a space all her own where she could play, snuggle, run, and chase her two kitty siblings (who always chase her right back!) Her parents say that from day one she has always been “goofy and joyful which makes others, especially her humans, equally goofy and joyful.” Sounds like an amazing trait to have!

Now that Nikita, also known as Flying Squirrel by her parents, is all grown up, she’s still spunky and joyful and enjoys all the amazing things that Maine has to offer. Some of her favorite activities include trail running, paddle-boarding, outings at the beach, chasing autumn leaves and, of course, playing in the snow. She does have those Husky and Malamute genes after all! Despite her size, Nikita has always had a zest for life and seems to have endless energy that she always puts to good use. Good thing her parents have her kryptonite to help keep her under control: peanut butter! That, of course, and her favorite stuffed toy Sam the lion cub. Nikita might be the same size as some of her toys, but that doesn’t stop her from carrying them around the house and doing her favorite thing ever: squeaking them! Whether it’s out on the water or romping through the snow or simply running amuck at home, Nikita puts her whole heart and soul into what she’s doing and you have to admire her spirit. She loves the spotlight and to leave people laughing!

Nikita showing off her amazing jumping skills!

Perhaps her energetic and magnetic personality is why she’s such a star here at Roscoe’s. Nikita usually makes her way into the small dog group, but she instantly becomes one of the largest personalities there! She’s an acrobat for sure is always leaping and jumping onto the tallest spot she can find. She’s a sucker for cookies as well and will always weasel her way through the crowd to grab a treat and then run. Nikita might not be the snuggliest of pups, but when she deems you worthy you have a friend for life. Hey, she is the queen after all and likes to pick her subjects! However, Nikita really has no problems making friends because she’s boisterous, playful, and always makes her presence known. She announces her arrival with a series of loud barks and will tell you how it is and what she wants. We love her feisty and free spirit and we wouldn’t have her any other way. Bonita Nikita is certainly a pup we’ll always be glad we met. We hope you stay forever true to you small fry!

If you would like to follow this pint-sized princess on her journey through life, consider following her instagram account at @nikita_04101. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


Nikita being the queen she is, overlooking her kingdom.

“Oh, our little Bonita Nikita… we are excited to have the chance to talk about one of our favorite sassy lassies as our August Featured Friend!cHer favorite spot is atop the highest level of the puppy climbs, like the queen she knows she is. She is a vocal observer perched on her little throne. If Nikita is at daycare that day- she’ll make her presence known! Although she is a bit selective of the dogs and humans who she graces with her adorable and fluffy presence, she is still a crowd favorite! How could you not love that perfect little face and sassy tail?! It goes without saying that if you happen to be one of the lucky few who she deems worthy of a kiss and a cuddle on any given day – you can expect to fall in love immediately every single time.” –Erin, Playgroup Supervisor

“Nikita is so precious! She’s got all of the big husky personality in a tiny pint sized package. Always ready to sit pretty for a picture, she’s photogenic and she definitely knows it!” -Elizabeth, Ops Coordinator

“Nikita is such a spunky and talkative gal! She always starts her day at Roscoe’s ready to play and bounces around for hours! Her little legs seem to have springs in them, as she can jump quite high and it always makes me laugh! The excited little squeals she makes are also very silly and unique! I love spending time with her and seeing her bound about the space with her doggy pals. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know her and personality over the years!” -Lisa, Manager

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