Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Oyster

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It’s May Day, which we think is the perfect time to celebrate a new Featured Friend of the Month. So, say hello to Oyster! This sweetheart is a two year old Irish Setter who became a part of the Roscoe’s family back in August of 2020. Despite her name, Oyster is a social butterfly who definitely doesn’t hide in her shell. She’s spunky, she’s snuggly, and she’s beyond excited for you to meet her!

Oyster as a tiny puppy!

Oyster and her moms first met when she was still just a puppy living in Pennsylvania. Her soon-to-be parents were driving down to visit family in New Haven, and decided to meet up with Oyster half way for the adoption. Needles to say, it was love at first sight! Oyster got in the car with her moms right there and joined them on their trip to meet extended family. She socialized, played and was even lucky enough to start PupStart training— all while working through the trials and turbulence of the pandemic! It seems right from the start, Oyster was a go-getter and a girl born for adventure and fun. Luckily for her, her new moms felt exactly the same way!

Now as adult living in the wonderful woods of Maine, Oyster and her family enjoy both the quiet comforts of New England as well as the competitive and crazy world of winter sports. Oyster loves to join her parents cross country skiing as well as snowshoeing and hiking through the Maine mountains. Oyster loves to play hide-and-seek amongst the trees and is a world champ at sniffing out her parents. She always wins! Being a little mollusk herself, Oyster is also a huge fan of the beach and playing in water in general. She could splash all day in the ocean or the duck pond by her house. Her moms joke, however, that rather than being a purebred, it’s more like she’s made of “pure bread,” since all the ducks at the pond tend to chase her down and try to take a bite! (We think it must be because she’s so sweet!)

Oyster being a “weighted snuggler”

Of course, it’s not go, go, go for Oyster all the time. Despite her free spirit and fun nature, Oyster is also a dog who enjoys the simplicity of a nap or the comfort of a quiet night at home. In fact, one of her favorite activities is cuddling up with her mommas to watch rom-coms and munch on her favorite food of all: pizza bones! Funny enough, she always seems to fall asleep right before the movie is over and ends up becoming what her moms call a “weighted snuggler,” because she lays across them just like a heavy, weighted blanket. Hey, it’s hard work being so adorable all the time!

Luckily for us, Oyster shares some of that time here at Roscoe’s with both her human and canine friends. It’s always a joy to see her prance through the front doors with her wiggly, little butt and a big, goofy grin on her face. She’s never had a bad day! Oyster loves every dog she’s ever met and is always the first to try to engage in play. She does like to take her naps in the morning, but once she’s had her beauty rest it’s time to climb, wrestle and run! Her favorite part of the day is getting to go outside where she feels most at home and lets her wild nature roam free. We love to see her explore! It’s been such a blessing to watch Oyster grow up from a tiny, little puppy to a confident and beautiful young lady. Lots has changed since those early days but one thing remains the same; Oyster’s beautiful and kind soul! Always stay yourself little clam!


Oyster and her friend at daycare!

“Oyster is a beam of sunshine every time we see her. Oyster is a friend to everyone and is an absolute pleasure to have around. She’s gentle, polite, fun, and beautiful, too, of course. She never fails to put a smile on our faces. It’s been amazing getting to watch her grow up to be the amazing lady she is now! I can’t wait for more adventures with her!” -Taylor, Manager

“Oyster is a sweet pup! She can bring a smile to anyone’s face. She loves her hugs and is so happy to see the people and the rest of the pups. She truly thinks she’s the leader of the pack. There is not a single friend she hasn’t played with or at least tried to!” -Angelina, Ops Coordinator

“Oyster is such a ray of sunshine at Roscoes. Having her in playgroup always makes my day 100 times better! It’s been amazing to see her grow up and become the beautiful lady she is now, and make so many friends along the way. My favorite part about her is that everyday is the best day of her life, and I’m happy she spends those days with all of us. I can’t imagine Roscoe’s without Oyster!” -Cassie, Playgroup Supervisor

Oyster showing off her love of water!