Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Rocky

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We’re officially halfway through 2022, can you believe it?! Time sure flies when you’re having fun and no one has more fun than our newest Featured Friend, Rocky! Rocky is a two year old Old English Bulldogge who has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since October of last year. If his dashing good looks and wiggly butt don’t immediately catch your eye, Rocky’s amazing jumping skills will! He’ll make sure to let you know he’s arrived by leaping right up for a kiss on the lips. Talk about a ham! Rocky can’t wait to share his story with you and we promise, it’s a good one!

Rocky as a puppy!

You might think Rocky was always boisterous, playful and full of energy, but he was actually quite calm and a little timid when his family first brought him home. His mom recalls how she was confused when he didn’t want to play and thought maybe he was just a very passive puppy. As it turned out, Rocky just had to go through a 24 hour adjustment period because the next day, he was a whole different dog! Indeed, it didn’t take Rocky long to feel at home and start zooming around the house wanting to play and looking for trouble. Soon, his parents started introducing him to new people and other pups and Rocky loved them all! He’s never met a stranger and is always willing to play and be his authentic self. He’s truly the definition of a happy and carefree canine!

Two years have passed since Rocky was first brought home and he hasn’t changed much in terms of personality. Every day is still the best day ever! However, now that he’s bigger (much bigger!), Rocky enjoys the challenge of a good hike through the Maine woods where he can let out some energy and be his element as an adventure dog. Rocky is a true New Englander at heart and loves the excitement and change of every season. He swims in the summer, chases leaves in the fall, munches snow in the winter, and plays in puddles in the spring. He can’t get enough of the great outdoors! In fact, his family notes that when they try to relax on the couch or settle down for some quiet time, Rocky’s always at the door ringing his outside bell and begging to be let out. There’s no off switch when it comes to play!

Rocky being a blanket hog!

Naturally, because of his unique appearance and silly nature, Rocky has acquired many nicknames during his two years and each one represents a layer of his personality. The most widely used nickname is Baby because he was (and still is!) the baby of the family. However, he also goes by Dwane because of his likeness to Dwane “the Rock” Johnson, Sir Rockington III because he acts like the king of the house, and finally Linus because he’s such a blanket thief and likes to carry them around the house. We think each one is adorable and definitely gives a hint to Rocky’s unique and many-layered life! Of course, his mom notes that Rocky also has a rebellious side to his personality which manifests in ways they can never predict and which always leaves them laughing. For example, Rocky has many toys that he can choose from but will absolutely steal shoes instead if he gets the chance. He also likes to try to sabotage his parent’s dinnertime by always pretending like he has to pee and ringing his bell incessantly. There was also that time his mom came home and found him sitting in the middle of their kitchen island. She still has no idea how he got up there! All we know is that Rocky lives his life to the fullest and there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. Perhaps that’s why he loves to come to Roscoe’s!

In fact, Rocky’s mom claims that he doesn’t just love it at daycare, but that he’s “OBSESSED with Roscoe’s. He loves the staff and all his friends, and he loves that he gets to play all day!” Although Rocky gets along with everyone he meets, both human and canine, he has some minor health issues that require him to take breaks throughout the day, Luckily, Rocky is part of our VIP Program where he gets specialized one-on-one time with his human friends as well as some playtime with his puppy pals. He definitely loves that he gets to mix it up throughout the day! We absolutely love having Rocky as part of the Roscoe’s family and we feel lucky that such a special pup gets to visit each day. He’s always leading the pack and bringing the other dogs on adventures! We hope you stay your bouncy, wiggly, humorous, carefree and kind self forever, Rocky!

Rocky with his favorite toy!

If you want to see some absolutely adorable photos of Rocky as a puppy as well as follow along on his current adventures, check out his instagram @lifeofrockyandremi. And, as always, if you want your pup to play with Rocky here at Roscoe’s, feel free to give us a call to set up a playdate!


“Rocky’s personality and love for life shines so bright! There’s nothing better than watching him play with a favorite toy or seeing his happy good morning wiggles. His eyes are so expressive and he just has the cutest, sturdiest noggin! I will always look forward to his visits and feel so fortunate to know such a special pup.” -Evan, Manager

““Rocky is such a unique pupper! He never fails to put a big smile on my face, especially with his signature wiggling butt. He’s so full of love and happiness, so everyday when I walk into work I can’t wait to see him! I’ve only been at Roscoe’s for a short time, but Rocky has quickly become one of the best parts of my day. I love walking up to his wiggly self and playing tug with him in VIP (even though he’s definitely stronger than me!) I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know this goofy, sweet and adorable boy!” -Samantha, Playgroup Supervisor

“Rocky is the most handsome, wiggly, and snuggly guy you could meet! Every time he wiggles his way into the lobby, he comes over for some snuggles and typically ends up sitting on my lap for some extra love in the process! He’s super dynamic too- he loves to run around, playing tug and fetch, but will also sit up on the outdoor agility ramp, basking in the sun! Rocky makes our days special and it fills me with so much joy whenever I get to spend that extra time giving him scratches and pets in the VIP Program!” -Lisa, Manager