Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Rory

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Are you ready to say hello to our February Featured Friend? Meet Rory! This popular puppy is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd with striking blue eyes and a beautiful, blue merle coat. Rory became a part of the Roscoe’s family in September of last year where she enrolled in our Puppy Program and became a star student! Rory is known far and wide as the queen of head tilts and she always leaves us laughing with every honest thing she does. We know you’re going to love her as much as we do!

Rory’s signature head tilt!

Rory might still be just a young pup, but that doesn’t mean she’s short on excitement or adventure seeking! Rory and her parents love living in Maine where they can experience all four seasons and all kinds of weather together. In fact, one of Rory’s mom’s favorite things about watching Rory grow up (so far!) is getting to see her experience new things for the first time. Snow was definitely one of her favorites and we think she’s going to fit right in here in New England! Of course, being a puppy also means crashing hard and if Rory’s love for adventure is her defining trait, then her love for a nice, hard nap is definitely her second! Once she’s awoken, though, there’s always time to play with her doggy sister, Naomi. After all, family is everything to Rory and she loves getting to spend every day with them!

And speaking of family, we’re so grateful that Rory joined ours! Right from the beginning we knew she was a special pup and chock-full of ambition and energy. Rory first joined our Puppy Program where she made friends easily and excelled at her learning! Indeed, Rory could often be found romping with the other pups during social hour and then quickly learning all her basic cues and maneuvering her new experiences. Rory was always eager to learn more and we were amazed at her capacity for curiosity. A skateboard rolling past? No problem! A broom dropped on the floor? Let’s sniff it! New puppies entering the group? Let’s play! Before she knew it, Rory had graduated the puppy program with flying colors and was off to enter our core program just in time for winter! Good job Rory!

Rory graduates from the Puppy Program!

Now that she’s in the big dog playgroups, Rory shines like the star she is! Rory makes friends in everyone she meets and she’s always one of the first pups to meet and greet the other dogs in group. Rory also loves to show off her tricks and skills for treats and her mom notes how taking the puppy class has really grown her confidence! Of course, Rory wouldn’t be Rory without her signature head tilt and we just adore the way she looks when doing it! Any question, trick, or contemplation she has is always accompanied by the cutest little head tilt! Rory always brightens the room and she’s certainly something special. We feel honored that she chooses to play with us each and every day!

If you want a sneak peek into Rory’s life and watch her grow up, you can follow her on instagram at @rorytheaussie6!


“Rory is an astoundingly intelligent dog that is always bursting with positive energy! Able to befriend any person or pup, it’s always a joy to be around her. She’s definitely one of kind and I always look forward to her next visit!” -Jeffrey, Playgroup Supervisor

“Being a part of the Puppy Program and transitioning into Roscoe’s Core program it has been such a joy to watch Rory grow up. Rory is always ready to go, wether it’s to play her heart out or join in on a group sit or get some loving from her play group supervisor. We couldn’t ask for a better lady to be a part of Roscoe’s and to be our featured friend of the month! Paws up to you Rory!” -Victoria, Playgroup Supervisor

“Rory is always energetic and happy to see not only the staff but every other dog she’s near. Always great to have in group… plus look at that lil face!” -Curtis, Playgroup Supervisor

Rory is all smiles at daycare!



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