Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Tazo

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It’s been a long winter and we know you need a little puppy pick-me-up just in time for spring. Enter Tazo; the cutest 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy and our newest Featured Friend of the month! Tazo might have only joined the Roscoe’s fam a short three months ago but for him, that’s half a lifetime!  We feel so thankful that we get to share a part of that time with him because, as you might have guessed, he’s been stealing our hearts since day one. We think he might just steal yours, too!

Tazo as a teeny, tiny puppy!

Tazo’s story begins quite like a lot of other puppies out there; looking for his new forever family! Luckily for him, his family was also looking for love and since the very first day they met, Tazo and his mom have been two peas in a pod! Tazo’s mom remembers how he settled down into his new home perfectly and how it seemed like a match made in Heaven. The only bump in the road was Tazo trying to win over his new kitty siblings, something he’s still trying to manage today. You’ll get there Taz!

While still quite young, Tazerman, as his mom likes to call him, is already such a well-rounded pup who enjoys all the wonderful outdoor experiences that Maine has to offer. Growing up in the pine tree state, Tazo’s favorite activity is to explore the various trails, beaches and wildlife preserves that make Maine what it is. We can only image what he’s experienced in such a short amount of time and what there’s still left to explore! And of course, being a puppy, there’s no down time for Tazo. Even when not outside exploring he’s inside antagonizing his feline sisters and stealing their stuff. His mom notes how his favorite toys are not his own (and trust us, he has plenty!), but rather the cat’s toys that, to their distress, he constantly hoards. Hey, what are little brother’s for? But, at the end of the day, Tazo’s favorite pastime is snuggling. Indeed, his mother has aptly honored him with the title of “Biggest Cuddler on the Planet” and we’d have to agree! After all, who could resist that face??

Tazo and his kitty sister

Luckily for us, though, when Tazo’s not out exploring the state or learning how to be the best little brother at home, he’s hanging out right here at Roscoe’s! His mom notes how excited he gets on daycare days to be able to see all his fur-friends, and we couldn’t agree more! After all, Tazo makes friends wherever he goes and there isn’t a canine or human companion that he’s come across who he doesn’t love. Because of this, Tazo does well in almost any playgroup but is often found with his fellow puppies playing games and learning new tricks for treats. Tazo especially enjoys the enrichment activities where he can work his brain and show off all his cool, puppy skills! We can’t wait to see what else Tazo learns in the future and we look forward to sharing in so many new activities with him as he grows. As his mother once said to us, “we make new memories every day!” What a sweet sentiment!

If you need a little extra puppy love in your life and want to follow Tazo along in his many adventures, you can follow his instagram account at @tazothegolden. (Be warned, it’s pretty adorable!)
And if you want the chance for your pup to play with Tazo, give us a call to set up your first playdate. We know Tazo will be thrilled to meet you!


Tazo really is the best snuggler!

“Tazo is the most adorable ball of energy! There are so many things to love about him, but my favorite may be his morning greetings. Every morning Tazo gives the most enthusiastic body-wiggle greeting paired with a little “woo woo woo!” It is the silliest thing and a great start to my day! I feel very lucky to know this lil guy!” -Lisa, Manager

“Tazo captured the hearts of everyone here on his very first day. He has a magnetic personality that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. His mischievous puppy antics are far outshined by his sweet and loving nature. This boy definitely deserves all the love and snuggles this world has to offer.” – Lauren, Shift Supervisor

“One of the newest pups at Roscoe’s, Tazo has blessed all of us with his zesty, huge personality. Since his first day at Roscoe’s, he’s never been shy or afraid to show everyone how fun and full of life he is. Whether it’s running around outside, or playing with his friends inside, Tazo has proved that life is meant for living to the fullest and never letting a moment go by without having fun. It has been a pleasure to work with Tazo and watch him grow both mentally and physically!” -Taylor, Playgroup Supervisor