Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Teddy

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It’s officially October now which means spooky season has begun! What’s definitely not spooky, however, is our newest featured friend, Teddy! Rather, Teddy is an adorable, friendly, outgoing and boisterous young Shih Tzu who became a part of the Roscoe’s pack back in October of 2020 (happy two year anniversary, Teddy!) Since then, Teddy has warmed our hearts and tickled our funny bones with his love for life and magnetic personality which, ironically, is much bigger than his fifteen-pound self. We know you’re going to fall in love with this little guy!

Teddy snuggled up in his home

Teddy’s story begins somewhere out in the midwest where he was originally born and raised. As a tiny puppy and weighing in at only three pounds, Teddy boarded a plane and was flown all the way to Portsmouth, NH where he got to meet his new mom for the first time. Immediately, Teddy’s mom could tell he had a larger than life personality and that’s something that has definitely never changed. Teddy’s mom took him home that night and soon, Teddy became accustomed to the city and settled right in to his new life. It seems Teddy was always destined to be a small dog who did big things things and his new mom was about to show him how wonderful life in New England could be!

In those early years, Teddy and his mom would go to the local dog park several times a day for exercise and socialization. The park was sectioned so that small dogs could be on one side and larger dogs on the other. Teddy’s mom would always bring him to the small dog section but, naturally, Teddy always wanted to be with the bigger breeds and would often bark and chase them along the edge of the fence. Eventually, Teddy’s mom allowed him into the big dog side and almost immediately, little Teddy made friends with a much larger Great Dane named Ralph. They would play and romp around and chase each other and it became very apparent that Teddy would not be intimidated by any challenge, great or small!

Teddy and his favorite, orange ball!

Nowadays, Teddy still loves to play and has a fondness for excitement and adventure. He and his mom have moved to Maine to be in the heart of Portland, and Teddy still thrives as a little dog in a big city. Some of Teddy’s favorite activities since settling down in the pine tree state are running along Higgins Beach with his mom, staring out the windows of his house at traffic, squirrels, and people (earning him the official title of Neighborhood Watch Dog), and stalking his best friend from across the street, Tanar. It seems that Teddy’s belief that he is a big dog with an even bigger personality was not left behind in New Hampshire! Of course, Teddy still makes time for himself and when he’s not on patrol duty, Teddy can be found playing with his absolute favorite toy in the world: his orange smiley-face ball. And when he’s had enough of play time, Teddy also likes to treat himself to his favorite snack of all time: Polka Dog Cod Skins, otherwise known as his “fish sticks.” Teddy likes to carry both his ball and his fish sticks around the house, finding strange or uncommon places where he can be alone to chew on them. It seems that Teddy also has the taste for the finer things life, especially when you consider that his fish stick treat sometimes makes him look like he’s smoking a cigar!

Teddy and his fish stick cigar!

Of course, Teddy’s love for other dogs and his instinct to play and romp with the big boys has followed him here to Maine. So, naturally, Teddy’s mom began bringing him here to Roscoe’s and it came as no surprise that he loves it! We’re always amazed at Teddys zest for life and his seemingly non-stop need to play. Whether he’s with his smaller friends or trying to keep up with the big dog group, Teddy puts 100% into whatever he’s doing. Even when he’s snuggling or napping, Teddy seems to be doing it with purpose. He’s also smart as a whip and knows how to use his adorable fluffy face and big, round puppy-dog eyes to get what he wants. He’s always somehow getting cookies when the other dogs aren’t looking! If there were only one thing to say about Teddy it’s that he’s lovable, funny, and kind. He’s never met a stranger and every day is the best day ever. We should all strive to try to be more like Teddy and we feel so honored that we get to share so many fun days with him. We hope you always stay true to your shining self, Teddy!


Teddy on duty as his Neighborhood Watchdog!

“Oh Mr. Teddy. You are certainly a small dog with a big personality and a supervisor sidekick. Every time you come through our front door you know exactly where you are going, eager to head out into our play yards and see who your friends are for the day. However, you can’t forget how much you love snuggles from your supervisors, too, which are some of the best snuggles ever! Any day having Teddy at Roscoe’s with us makes the day a better one, and we are so very lucky to have him as a part of our pack!” -Victoria, Manager

“Little Teddy is seriously such a great pup! I love his fluffy round face and his snuggles so much. He trots into Roscoe’s with an attitude like he runs the place and, honestly, who am I to disagree with him? This little dude has a massive personality and I always look forward to his visits!” -Evan, Manager

“What to say about Teddy ? He is a cute little gentleman who always has a lost look on his face. His fluffy tail and little squat body makes him the perfect size for snuggles. He loves his people friends (mostly for the treats!), and is calm and friendly even when we have to give him a bath or put him to bed during a sleepover. But he can also be full of mischief, as his mom told me the other day. They had painters at their house and she had to drop him off  here at Roscoe’s because he was getting into things and even stole a paint stir stick . He makes me laugh and I am alway happy to see him!” -Rachel, Ops Coordinator

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