Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Zelda

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Zelda is a name many came to love and recognize with the release of the first Nintendo video game of its kind, The Legend of Zelda. However, to us here at Roscoe’s, the name Zelda does not refer to a fictional princess but rather to a very real and very adorable 3 year-old Havanese- Poodle mix! Indeed, Zelda became a part of the Roscoe’s family back in July of 2018 and needless to say, we’ve been smitten ever since. Part sugar, part spice, Zelda is everything nice!

Zelda as a puppy in her new home!

Zelda and her dad first met three years ago after she was flown to Maine from almost four states away. The Ohio-born pup landed at the Portland International Jetport where her new dad and her new life were waiting for her with open arms. Although the journey was long, little Zelda and her dad clicked immediately and he remembers how perfectly Zelda fit right into his life, even sleeping soundly through the night on her very first day home. Sometimes two souls just connect and we think that this father-daughter duo was meant to be!

Fast-forward three years and Zelda and her dad are still attached at the hip! Although she can be a bit feisty at times and somewhat of a trouble maker, the fact that she’s fearless is perhaps her best and most distinguished trait. This pup will take on anything, including fast-moving, swampy creeks which she has done on more than one occasion. Luckily, as her dad has mentioned before, Zelda’s best physical trait is not that she’s fluffy or soft or has adorable, golden eyes, but rather that she’s small and portable and can easily be picked up out of most of the sticky situations she finds herself in. Indeed, Zelda likes to think of herself as a big dog and will let all the neighbors know when walking by her house that she’s the queen of the block. However, it’s hard to keep up the tough girl act all of the time and even Zelda has to relax and snuggle up on the couch once and awhile. After all, royalty need their beauty sleep! Plus, once the shades are drawn and the sun is setting, Zelda wants nothing more than to cuddle up with her dad and share in a little midnight snack together, which is of course whatever he happens to be eating at the time. Hey, sounds like the perfect life to us!

Zelda playing ‘Queen of the Ramp’ with her friends!

Of course, when she’s not jumping into creeks or looking for new ways to cause mischief, Zelda likes to spend her time here at Roscoe’s with both her human and canine friends. Although always put in with the smaller of the bunch or the playful puppies, we think Zelda would be a good fit for any group because she’s not afraid of a challenge and always willing to make new friends! However, true to her nature, Zelda likes to stir the pot and get a good game of chase going right off the bat. She can often be found zooming around the play yards at top speed or stealing a ball right out from under the nose of another pup. Just like at home, Zelda knows she’s a queen! Of course, she’s not all just good looks and party tricks… Zelda is smart as whip! When it comes to practicing our canine enrichment commands, Zelda leads the pack! She knows her stuff and can learn a new command in only the second or third try. What a clever girl indeed! We love to see Zelda being her best self and we wouldn’t change her for anything!


“Zelda is truly one of the smartest pups I’ve gotten the pleasure to work with. She has a personality you can’t help but take notice of. When she’s not completing increasingly more difficult tricks, she’s letting her voice be heard to all who will listen. You know your day will be extra special when Zelda is present!” -Lauren, Playgroup Supervisor

“Zelda might be small, but she has got one of the biggest personalities I have ever seen! She is the perfect combination of spunky, smart, and silly! I can’t help but smile whenever she gets the zoomies outside or makes her famous ‘gremlin’ sounds. Zelda always makes sure to remind us that she is the queen and we must bow down to her! One thing is for sure, when Zelda is around, there’s not a boring moment!” -Aspen, Playgroup Supervisor

“The small dog group just wouldn’t be complete without Zelda! Her personality is so bright and her zest for life always makes me smile. One minute she’s zooming around the playgroup like a banshee and the next, she’s curled up beside you for some snuggles. One of my favorite memories is when she snatched at my sweater and ran around shaking it with all her might! She looked so proud of herself for being so sneaky and clever! I feel so lucky to know this curly, wonderful weirdo!” -Evan, Manager