Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Zoey

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February always blows by so fast and it seems it’s already time to introduce you to our newest Featured Friend for March! Zoey, our favorite 6 1/2 year old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix, has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since all the way back in 2016, and is as easygoing as they come. She always wears the biggest smile on her face! Whether she’s snuggling up with her friends or playing chase with them outside, she’s always stealing our hearts. We know you’ll love her, too!

Zoey at Willard Beach!

Zoey and her parents first met at an animal rescue in Rhode Island called Little Rhody Rescue.  Her parents had recently lost their former rescue pup and were looking to help heal their hearts with a new, furry family member. Zoey, a sweet southern gal who was brought up from Tennessee, immediately caught their eye and melted their hearts with her soulful eyes and big, pointy ears. According to her mom, “we took her home and she has been making us laugh ever since!” We think it was a match made in heaven for sure!

Despite being from the heart of the country music scene, Zoey and her parents love being in Maine where they can explore all the natural beauty and try all the amazing food. In fact, one of Zoey’s favorite hobbies is stopping by the many local gelato and ice-cream joints in Portland where she is always treated to a delicious snack! As such, Zoey has acquired a taste for the finer things in life and can often be found dining outside in the Old Port with her parents or shopping at the local storefronts for her favorite treats. She’s a seafood girl for sure and will never say no to some fresh scallops or salmon! Of course, Zoey is still an adventure dog at heart and when she isn’t surfing the food scene, she’s out exploring the many beaches and hiking trails that Maine has to offer. She highly recommends Willard Beach for the perfect spot to chase seagulls and work on your doggy paddle!

Zoey hangs out with her Roscoe’s friends!

Since we opened back in 2016, Zoey has been a big part of our lives and is always so happy when she comes through our doors. Her smile immediately lights up our lobby! Every morning when her mom drops her off, she recounts how “Zoey can’t get in the door fast enough. We love how happy she is there, especially in her crate-free room while on vacations. The love that the Roscoe’s team has for the dogs in wonderful!” And how could we not love ZoeZoe? Her sweet disposition and easygoing personality makes her a perfect fit for any group, and she can usually be found mingling with her friends around the water bowl or snuggling up for a quick nap. In fact, she’s so sweet, she lets the puppies crawl all over her without a word! She’s definitely a friendly face that any pup can look up to and learn from. Plus, she loooves to get her picture taken and is always photo-ready for our cameras. Just look at that sweet face!

We’re sure glad that we’ve got to spend the last 5 years with this sweet soul and we hope that Zoey always stays her true self! If you want an opportunity for your pup to play with the wonderful miss Zoey, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email to set up your dog’s first play date! They couldn’t find a nicer new friend than Zoey!


Zoey on one of her many adventures!

“I’m always excited when Zoey comes in for the day. She befriends anyone she meets and yet still has an edge of spunk to her. It’s always so funny to look down and see her trying to do what little tricks she can to get a treat. With such big floppy ears and adorable puppy eyes who could ever say no to Zoey? She’s definitely a special lady and we are honored that she loves to spend her days with us too.” -Giselle, Manager

“Zoey has always been an outstanding role model for the other Roscoe’s pups! She’s wonderful with pups both big and small, young and old. Practicing new tricks with Zoey is a joy and once she’s mastered one, she’s onto the next. I especially love how she follows me around in playgroup for butt scratches or cookies – which I’m always more than happy to do for such a good girl!”
Elizabeth, Playgroup Supervisor

“Zoey is such an incredible pup! She gets along with every pup, big or small, and always has a sly look on her face like she’s up something. Her spots and speckles melt my heart, and it always brightens my day when she jumps up to give me a hug. She’s always first in line for treats, and she loves to pose next to her pals for pictures. And when she’s not busy socializing, she’ll lounge with her hind legs splayed out in her signature sploot! There’s just so much to love about her!” -Evan, Manager

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