Roscoe’s Featured Friend: Salsa

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October is here and that means spooky season has begun! However, there’s nothing scary about our newest Featured Friend who is quite the cutie and a total social butterfly. She also happens to be a special VIP member and has a talent for twirling in circles. Who are we talking about? The one and only Salsa of course! Salsa is a three-year-old English Labrador who has been a part of the Roscoe’s pack since August of last year. Described as “sweet,” “squishy” and “lovable,” we know that after you read her story, you’ll want to have a fiesta with Salsa!

Salsa looking cute on her couch at home!

Salsa’s story first started in western Pennsylvania where she was still living with her dog-mom and all her puppy siblings. Her soon-to-be parents had driven all the way up to meet her and sweet Salsa couldn’t wait to be taken to her forever home. According to her mom, she did well on the drive home and only took about two days to acclimate to her new surroundings. Once she did, she was the perfect little pup and became the apple of her parent’s eye. Despite her name, she’s actually quite sweet with only about an ounce of spice!

And speaking of names, Salsa quickly gained a few funny ones from her parents as she grew including ‘Salsa Beans’, ‘Sweetie Girl’, and the very simple but official sounding ‘The Girl.’ Of course, Salsa will always be her parent’s baby girl but now that she’s grown, Salsa likes to partake in more sophisticated things like running along Higgins Beach, munching on some tasty peanut butter, and playing with her favorite Lamb Chop toy. What, don’t those things sound pretty grownup to you?? However, perhaps the most ‘adult’ thing Salsa’s ever done was be a part of her parent’s special wedding day! This past June, Salsa’s mom and dad tied the knot and decided to do a first look before the ceremony. And who was there beside them to share in the special moment? Salsa of course! It was a beautiful moment for their little family and one Salsa’s parents say they’ll never forget. So adorable indeed!

Salsa’s all smiles here at Roscoe’s!

Of course, when Salsa’s not chasing seagulls at the beach or walking the many trails here in Maine, she’s here visiting us at Roscoe’s for a day of endless play! Salsa happens to be a part of our VIP Program which means she gets a lot of one-on-one time and special playdates with other VIP pups. She loves getting to see her close circle of friends and her parents love that she gets scheduled nap times. It’s a win-win for everyone! Of course, Salsa makes time for all her friends here at Roscoe’s and she’s always excited to greet every new pup at the door. She also loves her human friends and will often give kisses and happy tail wags when they walk her way. She’s literally never met a stranger! Of course, when Salsa is really, really excited she does the most special thing in the world: she spins in little circles! It’s quite cute and it makes everyone who sees her smile. But we suppose that’s what Salsa has always does best; make people feel happy when they’re in her presence. We hope she never changes!


“Every morning that I get to turn the corner and see Salsa’s smiling, happy face from inside her suite makes my day right away. Having her in VIP is always such a joy. From her endless snuggles to her happy spins, Salsa’s always an instant mood booster!“ -Anna, Playgroup Supervisor

“Salsa never fails to make me smile! She’s such a sweetheart who is always ready to go and play with her friends. When she gets really excited, she starts to spin in circles! As much as she loves to play and explore, she really knows how to siesta as well. After her naps, she has the cutest, squishiest face in the world and she can’t wait to go back to playing with the other pups!” -Gus, Playgroup Supervisor

“Lovely Salsa is part of Roscoe’s VIP program! This beautiful girl is super smart and loves having treats. She also likes to chill with her other pup friends and knows how to have a good time with us. Roscoe’s without her would be like eating chips without salsa!” -V, Ops Coordinator