Roscoe’s Featured Friend(s) of the Month: Eloise and Lou Lou

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One’s scruffy, one’s fluffy but they’re both cute as a button! Misses Eloise and Lou Lou are this month’s featured friends, and we’re beyond thrilled to introduce you! These lovely ladies are both five year-old poodle mixes, with Eloise being a Cockapoo and her sassy sister Lou Lou being a poodle/terrier/schnauzer mix (or so her mom thinks; it’s anyone’s guess!) We first met Eloise and Lou Lou way back in June of 2016 when they wiggled and jiggled their way into playgroup for the first time and into our hearts forever. They’ve been a part of the Roscoe’s faithful family ever since, and we’re excited to share their story with you!

Eloise showing off her skills

Like many dogs before them, Eloise and Lou Lou’s early lives began in somewhat dire situations. When she was still quite young, Eloise was listed on a “free for the taking” classified ad in a Boston newspaper when her mom first found her. Despite not actively looking for a canine companion at the time, her mom decided to make the three hour drive into Boston to rescue and adopt the fluffy pup from the ad before someone else snatched her up. Immediately the two made a connection and Eloise has been her mom’s faithful little sidekick ever since!

Lou Lou enjoying her apartment balcony

However, it didn’t stay just the two of them for very long! Soon afterwards, as fate would have it, Eloise’s mom was contacted by a rescue in Louisiana that she had applied to six months earlier saying that they had a scruffy little dog who needed an immediate home. As it turned out, Lou Lou was in a high-kill shelter, and her fate was going to be decided that afternoon. Of course, Eloise and Lou Lou’s mom knew she had to save her, and so they welcomed miss Lou Lou into the family without a second thought. It would seem that both of these lovely ladies were guided by fate to find their perfect family, and now their mom reflects on how she can’t imagine her life without her two, loving companions!

Eloise and Lou Lou enjoy a boat ride with their mom

Now-a-days, Eloise and Lou Lou are living the high life as two city-savvy pups in the big world of New York City. Having moved there recently from Portland Maine, both ladies have adapted well to their new life and often spend their free time watching over the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple from their apartment balcony. Lou Lou has taken a liking to sniffing down those pesky but very quick rats of Brooklyn, while her sister prefers a less-challenging hunt of finding smelly socks around the apartment and hiding them for her parents to find later. Eloise has also recently developed a fear of the new dishwasher and so she often spends her days plotting its demise from the shadows. But of course, Eloise and Lou Lou also enjoy the good life of just relaxing with their parents, enjoying tasty snacks like carrots and pumpkin, going for long walks around the city, and even partaking in the occasional boat ride. Yes, it’s the good life for these lovey ladies and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Eloise and Lou Lou enjoying daycare with their friends

Of course, Eloise and Lou Lou haven’t forgotten about all their friends and family back in Maine who are always so excited to see them when they visit! And no visit would be complete without a sleepover at Roscoe’s where the two poodle sisters can see one of their favorite people, our own assistant manager and long-time employee, Megan! Aside from all the puppy play, ramp romping, and treat tasting that Eloise and Lou Lou like to partake in while visiting Roscoe’s, they also love the chance to hang out with and literally leap into the arms of their Auntie Megan. No one can say for sure why the connection is so strong, but we’re so glad that they found that special someone who makes them feel happy here at Roscoe’s! We might not get to see them every day, but friendships aren’t measured in distance, and it’s always a magical moment when Eloise and Lou Lou come back for a special sleepover! We hope to see you soon ladies!

With all their adventuring through the Big Apple, Eloise and Lou Lou don’t have much time to post to social media, but luckily their mother does! If you want to follow along with these city-dwelling pups, check out their mom’s Instagram where the two are frequently featured at @kyliekeenelow

And if you want the chance for your pup to play with Eloise and Lou Lou during one of their vacation visits to Roscoe’s, feel free to fill out our online form or drop up a line today! We know these ladies would love to make your acquaintance!


Lou Lou all snuggled up!

“I have nothing less than amazing things to say about my favorite ladies! They truly changed the way I think about and work with dogs as they show complete and unconditional love towards me and it just makes my heart melt. I’m so lucky to have met these girls and they’re always and forever in my heart!” -Megan Godfrey, Manager

“Eloise and Lou Lou are quite the pair!  Their fluff and scruff give them the sweetest appearance but their bond with each other is even sweeter! They love each other so much and it melts my heart. It’s the most pleasant surprise when they come for a sleepover with us and we’re so happy that they can continue to be a part of the Roscoe’s family!” -Lisa Jacoby, Manager

“I remember when Eloise and Lou Lou first started coming to Roscoe’s the very year we opened! As time goes on, it’s a delight to see them continue to blossom and build their confidence. These cute and fluffy little ladies are like two pease in a pod, as Eloise always has Lou Lou’s back and vice versa. And I’m grateful that these city gals still come to visit us for the occasional sleepover!” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Playgroup Supervisor.

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