Roscoe’s Featured Friends of the Month: Toby and Tucker

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We’re beyond excited to share this month’s Featured Friends with you because not only do we get to celebrate two amazing and fun-loving brothers, but we also get to celebrate the five year anniversary of Roscoe’s itself! Toby, a 10-year old Weimaraner, and his brother Tucker, a 6-year old Vizsla, have been a part of the Roscoe’s family since March of 2016, only one month after we officially opened! To have had the pleasure of providing these pups (as well as many others!), with their home-away-from-home for almost five years is nothing short of an honor, and we think it’s time to celebrate!

Toby and Tucker romp through the snow!

Toby and Tucker’s story is one full of many happy times and exciting adventures, although their tale truly begins before the family officially came together. Back then, Toby was adopted as a puppy by his dad out in southeast Missouri, and the two of them eventually moved into the mountains of western North Carolina together. There, Toby grew up with just the two of them, hiking, running trails and being the best father-son duo! Eventually, Toby’s dad met someone and Toby was officially introduced to the newest member of their growing family: his mom! Rumor has it that Toby’s mom actually fell in love with Toby before she fell in love with his dad… and that love triangle prevails even to this day! Fast forward another couple of years and Toby’s parents decide that it’s time to add a puppy to their little family, and so they adopted Tucker! Both parents were in grad school at this time studying hard and staying up late, and Toby and Tucker certainly helped to keep them on their toes! However, they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way and from the day they brought Tucker home, they knew their family was complete!

Toby and Tucker snuggle on the couch

In fact, since day one, Toby and Tucker have been inseparable. Their parents recall how when Tucker was still just a puppy, he would try and fail to keep up with his big brother in both speed and strength. Tucks’ parents eventually nicknamed him “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tucker” for the way he used to crouch in the grass and then pounce on Toby whenever his brother came around the corner, just so he could get a whack in! Of course nowadays, Tucker and Toby are on equal playing fields and both brothers enjoy constantly chasing, wrestling and running with each other out in the woods and during their daily walks. Both they and their parents enjoy quite the active lifestyle and all four love to go on adventures together. From mountain biking to skiing to snowboarding and paddle-boarding, to taking long road trips wherever the wind may take them, Toby and Tucker never have a dull moment! Plus, there’s always the added benefit of picking up some of their favorite food along the way. Of course, what the brothers see as good food might not make it onto your list, as some of their favorites include sticks, rotten fruit they find in the woods, dead porcupines, entire bags of plain hamburger buns, snow and, of course, empty peanut butter jars. Hey, they say in moderation, right?

Toby and Tucker hold hands at daycare

However, whenever Toby and Tucker are not out on one of their grand adventures, you can bet that they’ll be found right here at Roscoes! For the past five years, these brothers have held a special place in our hearts and we can’t imagine celebrating our anniversary without them! Indeed, their parents recall how back in 2016 they were worried about integrating Toby into group because of his anxiety, but now are happy to report that “he always has a HUGE grin on his face in the photos where he’s surrounded by all his four-legged friends!” We’re proud of you Toby! As for Tucker, he can usually be found romping around with all the high-energy pups and leading the way in enrichment training. He’s a dog who likes to work his brain and will do just about anything for a cookie! Of course, we always make sure to set some alone time aside for just the two brothers because they’re always happiest when they’re together! We’re so grateful to have watched Toby and Tucker grow alongside our business and take all the changes, challenges and exciting adventures in stride. Nothing makes us happier than seeing their wiggly butts walk through our doors and we hope to be their home-away-from-home for years to come! Thanks for celebrating with us boys!

If you want to follow along in Toby and Tuckers many adventures, you can find them on instagram at @our_maine_dogs
And if you want your pup to romp around with these two brothers, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email to set up your dog’s first play date! We know Toby and Tuck would love a new playmate!


Happy brothers hiking!

“Toby and Tucker have such a unique and special bond, and they each bring something a little different to the Roscoe’s family too! Toby is always there to greet me with loud excited woofs and Tucker makes sure to rest his head upon my leg in an effort to get as many cookies as possible! They are both incredibly silly and make me laugh every time we’re together. I feel very lucky to know these boys! ” -Lisa, Manager

“I feel so fortunate to have known these boys the last four years! It seems like just yesterday! They are without a doubt the most perfect pair, a total dynamic duo! They are the perfect balance for each other and just so much fun! It’s been such a pleasure watching them grow into the handsome men they are today and I’m looking forward to many more years and laughs with them both! They always crack me up!” -Megan, Manager

“Toby and Tucker are such an amazing duo! It always warms my heart to see how much they love each other and how unique their personalities are. I’ll never get tired of watching Toby climb onto the agility ramp with the small dogs, or when Tucker rests his chin on me begging for treats! And of course their floppy, velvety ears are almost too cute to handle. We’re truly lucky that we get to spend time with these wiggly, nubby-tailed pup brothers!” -Evan, Manager