We’re Re-Opening!

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We’re excited to announce that we will be re-opening on Monday, May 4! Though the city and state extended their stay at home orders, we have been deemed essential by both municipalities and will be opening Monday. It has been difficult to take this break from seeing you and your pups, but we’ve used this time to evaluate how we can re-open in a way that enables us to care for your pups while prioritizing the health of our team and our community. Based on this, we will be reopening to some significant operational changes:

  1. Curbside drop off and pick up: Upon re-opening for business, our lobby will be closed to the public – we will not allow anyone but employees in the building for any reason. When you arrive at Roscoe’s, please park in one of the numbered spots and give us a call to announce your arrival. While you wait for one of our friendly, masked team members to come out to assist you, please get your pup out of your vehicle and wait for us to greet you there. At pick up, we will do the inverse routine. For your safety and theirs, our team will not remove your dog from or place your dog into your vehicle.
  2. Sanitized leashes: To minimize the risk of infection for our team, we will walk your dog in and out of our building using our sanitized leashes. When we meet you at your car to retrieve your pup for daycare or a sleepover, we will place them on one of our sanitized slip leads, and we’ll have you remove your own collars and leashes from home. To expedite this process and minimize person to person contact, we request that your dog wears only the essentials – a leash and collar – when they’re coming for a visit.
  3. Face coverings: When we greet you at drop off and pick up, we will be wearing face masks for your protection. Due to the difficulty of maintaining a 6ft distance while retrieving your pup from and returning your pup to you, we ask that you wear a face covering for our team’s protection as well.
  4. Contactless payment: All payments will be completed online or over the phone before your pup is brought back to your car at pick up. You’re welcome to put your credit card on file or purchase daycare packages to make payment quick and easy. You can do this anytime via our customer portal here. If you opt not to utilize one of these options, payment will be taken over the phone via credit card. During this time, we will not accept cash or checks.
  5. Just the necessities for sleepovers: When your pup comes for a sleepover, we ask that you bring only the necessities – food, medication, and supplements. Please portion out all food and medication so that there is just enough for the stay. We will not accept anything beyond these basics. Not to worry, we have beds, blankets, bowls, and toys to ensure your pup feels right at home during their stay; all of which are cleaned and sanitized between uses. Minimizing the number of personal belongings in our building will help minimize the risk presented to our team by handling these belongings.
  6. Deposit policy: We understand that when it comes to travel, it can be hard to know what to plan for right now. Because of this reality, we have suspended our deposit policy for the summer and will not require deposits for sleepovers until the holiday season picks up in November 2020. 

We recognize that these changes represent a significant departure from our usual way of operating but are necessary to ensure we can care for your pups in the safest way possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these processes, which will undoubtedly be bumpy at first, and evolve over time.

Please ensure we have your pup’s most up to date vaccination and fecal exam records on file. If you’re unsure, you’re welcome to check via our customer portal, or by reaching out to us at hi@panel.roscoesbedandbark.com.

We are endlessly grateful for the support and love we’ve received over the last several weeks as we’ve navigated this situation together. You and your pups are the reason why we love our work and are so eager to return. We look forward to seeing many of you soon and, in the meantime, stay well.

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