Which Hogwarts House is Your Pup?

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Happy birthday Harry Potter! For you Potter heads and super fans of the magical book and movie series, we’ve got a special treat for you and your pup: a sorting ceremony! To celebrate the birthday of the Boy Who Lived, we broke down the best (and worst!) of the Hogwarts’ house traits and gave them a little bit of a furry flair. If you’ve ever wondered where your pup would be sorted, read through the traits to best match your furry friend to their perfect Hogwarts house!

Gryffindor Dog
The very house of the famous Harry Potter and definitely the most well-known, Gryffindors are praised for being brave, determined, adventurous, and loyal. You might have yourself a Gryffindor Dog if your best friend is a loyal companion who sticks to you like glue and is down for any adventure. Perhaps they take tasks head on and aren’t afraid to back down from a challenge. Of course, Gryffindors are also known to be stubborn, self-righteous, and a little reckless with their choices. If your dog tends to not listen when you call, have their own agenda when out for a walk, or always hold their head high and proud when around other dogs, Gryffindor could be in their blood. Couple this with the other good traits of the house, however, and a Gryffindor Dog is a proud, loving, and loyal companion!

Hufflepuff HoundĀ 
Hufflepuffs are often overlooked and are even referred to by Hagrid as “a lot o’ duffers.” But don’t let their laid-back and passive personalities fool you; Hufflepuffs are known for some of the best house traits (especially if you’re a dog!) Their better qualities include being humble, inclusive, selfless, and loyal. Overall, Hufflepuffs are known for their kindness and acceptance of all. If you have a furry friend who loves everyone, is always happy to see you, and looks for friends wherever they go, you might have a Hufflepuff Hound. On the other paw, Hufflepuffs can be a little too trusting, naive, and lack self-confidence. If you have a dog who is skittish, doesn’t like to get in the way, and sometimes sits out during playtime, it could be their Hufflepuff nature. Mix in the other traits, though, and you’ve got a friendly, laid-back, and loving Hufflepuff Hound!

Ravenclaw CanineĀ 
Housing some of the most brilliant minds throughout the history of Harry Potter, Ravenclaws are known best for their intelligence, intuition, quick-thinking, and creativity. A Ravenclaw Canine, therefore, would be a dog who is quick to learn a trick, take on training and puzzles with ease, likes to use their nose and keen senses to solve problems, and eager to please their human. If you constantly feel like you’re being outsmarted by your dog, you might have a Ravenclaw Canine! It’s true, however, that Ravenclaws can also be distant, egotistical, and strive for absolute perfection. If you find that your pup is rather independent and doesn’t crave a lot of attention, or would rather be working for treats and learning tricks than playing with other pups, they might be a Ravenclaw. Mix in those positive traits, however, and you’ve got a smart, driven, and hardworking companion!

Slytherin Pup
Let’s face it, Slytherin’s get a bad rap. From housing wizards like Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and even Voldemort himself, it’s easy to see why. If you dig a little deeper, however, you’ll find that many great wizards and witches have been sorted into Slytherin; and for good reason! After all, some of the best traits of Slytherins are ambition, confidence, cunning, and leadership. If you have a dog who is confident in what they do, good at getting what they want, and always leads the way when out for a walk or a hike, you might have a loyal Slytherin Pup on your hands. Of course, Slytherins are also known for being haughty, quick-tempered, and manipulative. If you often find your pup refusing your cues, easy to upset, and often trying to trick you into more treats or longer walks, they could be a Slytherin Pup. But don’t despair, add up all the good traits as well and you’ve got a ambitious, confident, and loyal friend for life!

Which house does your dog fit into best? We know our canine companions are complex and unique individuals and it might be hard to choose, but think of it this way: what would the Sorting Hat say? As Harry found out himself, you get a say in what house you want, so perhaps think like your dog and imagine what they would want. No matter which house they land in, though, you’re going to have a well-rounded and magical friend who you’ll be proud of no matter what!